Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ah! HOPE Stands Smiling ( OSI Prompt DAWN)

I am back from my native where the factory of my in-laws was completely devastated by fire.. Had been wondering what could be the cause for such a tragedy that befell upon them.. the fire took away every thing, mercifully, without any injury to any human being.. Well, while travelling back had been thinking.. and here are my thoughts.. as I pray for them to come back stronger and better..

Ah! HOPE Stands Smiling

Emanating from nowhere
A tiny spark fell upon a roll of wool
And then turning into a flame
Flame into a blazing fire
Engulfing in its fury
The glorious past of the creator
Beautiful present of the dreamers
Millions of dreams of the new

Ah! With one stroke of hand
God had wiped out shimmering footprints
And shining symbols of decades
Of unrelenting efforts
As everyone watched helplessly
Searching for one hint of hope
In the blackness of the ashes
Scattered all around…
Tears and tears and tears flowed.. why?

A doting father
Purveys brush and myriad colors
To his child encouraging him to
Paint a masterpiece
With all his raw talent and abilities..
Putting all his heart and thought
In each stroke of brush
And using all the sublime colors
Child creates a beautiful picture

But alas! Father isn't happy
Wipes it all
With one stroke of hand
Asking him to start afresh
With greater zeal and imagination
Creating something more meaningful
Befitting to the talent bestowed
The child stands dazed, wondering…
Yet determinedly lifting the brush again..

Yes, now it all appears simple
God didn’t like what was created

So used fire as an excuse
To take all that away
Leaving behind an untouched
Indomitable spirit
Commanding to transform the blackness
Of the darkened night
Into a fresh glorious DAWN..

Yes, HOPE stood smiling
Seeking the first steps
Towards a restart,
a fresh start…
And lo! F
irst steps have been taken
Yes, I heard the sounds of a machine

From behind those huge heaps of ashes
A corner has survived the wrath
God left a piece of shining canvas
For a new painting to emerge..



  1. Things happen, what is important is how one reacts. And one cannot be more positive than this!

    Sorry for what happened to your in law factory.

  2. a fresh start...positive thought ..hope is with you so they will turn that tragedy in something better than it was before...!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about this. And in all tragedies ...there is a dawn of a new day and new opportunities for positive things...

  4. Sorry to hear about this. Hope is still there. Nice work.

  5. Hope and heart and the will to go on--these things quench the fire.

  6. I always felt that every misery must have a reason behind it.. it is God's world and he knows that reason well... but still sometimes it seems to me as farcical and I am not able to comprehend why it happened.. Hope is what steps in then and sometimes it doesn't and when it doesn't miseries multiply.

  7. Thanks to all of you for making my day with your encouraging words.. yes, they will come back stronger with wishes from all of you..

    @Rajat.. Hope always steps in.. only one has to have faith..

  8. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Evening!
    Welcome back,Ramesh!
    I am so sorry for the things that had happened.But then we have no control on that!
    You are such a wonderful friend,to write positive thoughts on such an incident!
    Encouraging to look at the brighter dawn,let me assure you,there is light at the other end of the tunnel!
    Hats off to your cofidence abd goodwill!May God Bless You!
    Wishing you a peaceful night,

  9. Hope the new painting comes out with refreshing colors...

  10. A corner has survived the wrath
    God left a piece of shining canvas
    For a new painting to emerge...beautifully written..yeah hope always truimphs
    may your relatives recover soon...

  11. Tragedy often springs forth hope and new beginnings, like the phoenix. A beautiful poem of a new dawn of hope.

  12. A wonderfully written poem! As long as hope never dies, life can still live. Thanks for sharing!


  13. What a wonderful way to view something so devastating! You're right, we were thinking along very similar lines. =)

    I will pray for your family. Something beautiful lies in the future for them.

  14. Welcome back Ramesh.
    I am really sorry to hear about this.
    I will pray for you

  15. Ramesh, I am sorry to hear about this tradegy, but glad no one was hurt. Your words are profound and give hope to the future.

  16. hi Ramesh, oh dear, what a tragedy.. so sorry to hear of this.. your words of course talk of a new dawn.. and i hope ur inlaws find that hope and fight on!