Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fissures Appear in Friendships

Whenever good things happen to me
Unprompted, spontaneous
And my face shows some kind of spark
With glitter in my otherwise quieter eyes
I find fissures appearing in many a friendship
Each piece with broken edges
Shouting disillusionment and regret
Seeking a promise to be wary & careful
But then, hope is the rope
I would like to keep hanging on.

( Written based on OSI prompt 'Fissures')


  1. Friendship is the best thing that has happened to me in life. I treasure it more than my life. Fissures no.. I hold it strong and I now He too does the same. We are friends and friends forever.

  2. Lots of food for thought here. Could the doubts be fissures?

  3. Hope between friends is essential.

  4. Thanks Gabrielle and Sandy for visiting me.. yes, doubts result in fissures and hope is what keeps one going..your comments are very precious ...

    Rajat, may you continue to hold friendship in such high esteem forever..God Bless!

  5. hope is the rope - that line just says it all - now if only we have the will to always hope

  6. Ultimately I guess fissures will appear in life. The question, or maybe measure of success, is how we close them or make them small.

  7. Thanks Lissa and Rob, Happy to find you visiting me.. Yes, the pertinent question is how we close them or make them small.. and Liss replies that by inspiring to have the will.. God bless all of you for inspiring comments..