Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oh, Two roads
Which one to take
With my life at stake
Got confused
Mind refused
To think anything
So I prayed
" God ! Which road?
Someone called back
from the sky
" Please Specify
Which God."


  1. first of all thanks for the enlightening comments and the God I speak to resides in my heart and if I feel that what I am doing is right, He shows me the path.

  2. Don't know why I am sharing this.. but I find that we think alike in lot of things.. You know I have a small book published by a friend with the same title as that I have put on this blog.. in which I wrote four lines which I am entering here as a new post.. you really inspire..

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  4. My Dad once told me that you are not alone who thinks like this.. after reading your words, I believe it

  5. Well described confusion.

    The confusion in mind appears to be real.

    For me, Road to God, and which God? does not lie outside.It is within.

    There is only one route to God.

    gods are many but God is all in one.

    To 'whichever image we submit absolutely for patronage, for blessings, for solutions and attributing our share of work in this world' is God

    God is our imagination, for our benefit, peace, faith and relaxation.

  6. writing what prompts you is the most natural form of poem. no restrictions and no classifications. let the learned classify. you and i just have got to write so that poetry is kept alive glowing in this world..

  7. which God,
    which road?
    lovely humor...
    superb piece.