Saturday, April 17, 2010


Early 1990s saw a lot of upheaval in my life and
I embarked on a journey of my own inner space so as to know myself better and develop my own philosophy about living. And that’s when the poem I place here today was born in my heart (somewhere in 1992) and gave me my path and my goal to at least become…


God gifted me one life on this beautiful planet
To breathe fresh air, to laugh, to smile
To love and be loved, to explore mysteries of each day
To give wings to my thoughts,
To hold sunshine each morning in my palm,
And to spread a sheet of moonlight
All over my body, every night …

Yes, God sent me to chitchat with the twinkling stars,
To touch the skies riding a rainbow splashing colours
Of my happiness on the glowing canvas
Of a blushing evening, and to quietly endure the pain
Growing at the frightening sight of the rudderless boat
Of my life, loaded with millions of gleaming dreams,
Getting drowned in the merciless sea of shapeless humanity..

True, I came to feel warmth of tears born out of
Strange touch of a friend’s masked affection
Creating infinite holes in an already wounded heart
But then, also to have some parts of my lovely childhood
Dancing and cuddling around bestowing me with
Pure happiness as innocent as a dew drop
Resting softly on the petals of a just bloomed rose..

Before sending me for my sojourn, God had commanded,
“Hey, to experience life in all its glory and splendor
listen to the voice of your soul, always!”
And today I confess that the thankless I betrayed God
By keeping the door to my soul tightly shut
Letting it suffer in the darkened depths of my inner space
Just like millions of ordinaries walking on this planet..

Enlightened with truth, I dared to take a plunge
To visit those darkened depths of my own inner space
And in the process becoming a lot more Self-Aware
By opening the door to my Soul and quietly
Listening to all the wisdom hidden inside
Gaining strength to face the world rejuvenated
And try to become a little more than ordinary..


  1. A beautiful, thought provoking write.

  2. God may bless you with more & more strength & you become more & more than ordinary.....

  3. Thanks Aayushi and Harshadji, you know somehow I am tempted to share and openup up because I know there are people like you who understand.. God bless us all. Yes, let us continue to practice Happiness...

  4. original and inspirational.

    more than ordinary indeed.
    Happy Potluck!

  5. nice
    so positive

    mine's like a complete contrast
    do read it
    seems nobody's reading my entries