Friday, September 9, 2011

Moon Melts in Her Heart..

The Height of Haiku Challenge.. Day 10... Prompt : Magic..

Moon melts in her heart
Moonbeams roll out of the eyes
Magical tears those!


Open eyes can't find
Yet you are there when they close
Some real magic, that!


Can our couple we left out of this magical wave... lets see how they met..

Ah, sheer  magic of
Ant's cat-walk,  (d)numb elephant
Proposed on the spot..

RS : )


  1. A little romance and a little fun! Great combination!

  2. Ah, sheer magic of
    Ant's cat-walk, (d)numb elephant
    Proposed on the spot..

    Ant, with downcast eyes
    blushed from tip of antennae
    to bottom of toes

  3. U R Truly blessed..!!!

    wonderful Rs...i loved each of them and the end if the best part..!!!

  4. Aww that was sweet especially the ant one :)

    All were brilliant but the second haiku touched me the most :)

  5. Great magical moments RS!! :)) and the magic creating couple started off on the wrong foot and in great haste!! LOL!!

  6. Well, is the elephant dumb or numb? Can't he make up his mind? Or is he both?:-)

    Morning Magic here

  7. love those magical tears! Oh a proposal? Woohoo!