Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Notebook May Reveal Itself..

Written for OSI Prompt: Notebook ...
Thanks to Gautami Tripathi for the prompt...and the intense desire to do justice to it took me to a journey many hearts and minds undertake over the years.. wondering..

The Notebook May Reveal Itself..

She opened the notebook
For years she had kept
It all wrapped-up, away
From the dirt and dust
Didn’t want the cover to lose
Its sheen… and the
Words glittering inside
Their purity, but…
But she wasn’t sure of fate
Anymore, the notebook
May reveal itself… and
Make the words fall
In some filthy eyes
No, she didn’t want to see
Them crawling on the
Walls of a dark mind
Turning into some
Scary shapes…
Living in the arms of
Darkness didn’t mean
She wasn’t a proud daughter
Of light any more…
Holding herself strong
With the rope of her beliefs
She lit the fire
And threw the notebook
As the flames began
To swallow each page
A little corner of her mind
Started getting illuminated
Ah, that’s how it
Should have been always…
The layers of simmering ash
Whispered in her ears,
“The purest moments
Of your life are now
Lying safely in the deepest
Corners of your own essence
We take a final call and disperse.”
As a puff of wind
Scattered them all around..
Oh, she felt relieved
For she learnt that
She would be able to enter
That pious place any time…

And a Haiku here...

An old notebook that
His name written under her's
Am I  back to school..

RS : )


  1. Well narrated a touching story.

    Notebooks or pictures are a potential source of problems. One need to be careful.

  2. Well written poem RS!! ..memories that lie safely etched on a dear daughters mind now!! Lovely flow of thoughts!!

    The Haiku was fun and the reveals the madness at school!! LOL!! How many books did you sign on RS?? :)

  3. Wow, that was awesome!!! So interesting and emotional.

  4. I bet we have all burned some of those old notebooks. Emotion too raw to share.

  5. Wonderful writing, Ramesh. Very well done!

  6. the transitory nature of things..!

  7. Great poem I love the

    'layers of simmering ash' imagery.
    Great stuff

    Here is my post:

  8. I love the imagery in this piece. I am curious about what is hidden in that notebook. Another beautiful poem here Ramesh.

  9. very touching watch out for notebooks and pictures they can be a problem but are good memories

  10. wow I really really loved this.. it appealed to me in so many ways. amazing

  11. Ah my friend another beautiful poem and Haiku. I love your blog.