Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ah, To Be 'Two' Many People..

Written for OSI : AMUSE

Ah, To Be 'Two' Many People..

Whenever you are with me
You pamper me, talk so well
And nice too...
Praising me for what I do
Making me feel so high
But then when you go away
Sit among others
Why is it that you find
Me repulsive in my absence
And love to find ways
To generate disinformation
Diluting me, in a vain attempt
To enhance yourself
Hey, tell me then, when you go
Looking yourself in the mirror
Smiling back at you
Giving yourself a pat on back
Don't you find it amusing
Ah, to be 'two'  many people
And then to be able to
Sleep well in comfort
It would be interesting
To  learn about the dreams
Dancing in your closed eyes
Do share with me
When you meet me next
To pamper me and make
Another  vain attempt 
To help  me feel high
Will it amuse me, don't know,
Now that I know..  

 RS : ) 


  1. Ah.. I know this feeling very well...brilliantly done, sir !!!

  2. I understand. Please ignore such people.

  3. interesting thoughts!!

  4. Yes, stay well clear. This is not how someone who cares should be towards you. Hugs, G

  5. this world is full of such people...
    maybe at some time, we too have behaved similarly, if not exactly the same...

    just the way we wudnt want to have such ppl in our lives...we shud strive never to be 'two' many....

    beautifully written ramesh :)
    loved it..

  6. It is curious how someone can be one way to your face and another way behind your back. Lovely poem as always Ramesh.

  7. What a unique take on the prompt! This is well done.

  8. Oh, this is a painful experience well documented. Thank you!

  9. Well said! This is a wonderful write on a subject we all encounter now and then. One person/two faces. Not good for anyone!

  10. Diluting others in a vain attempt to enhance oneself... I too wonder how such people can look in the mirror and also sleep peacefully.
    I loved your take on the word.

  11. What an excellent poem! I read it a few times and found it so thought provoking. So many people are like this- doing things for their own benefit and "amusement" to the detriment of others. Well done and your word choices are powerfully chosen!

  12. This situation can be so cruel to the one that is used for such amusements.