Monday, September 5, 2011

Infant Opens Eyes..

Haiku Heights Challenge.. Day 06  Promp: Kiss..
Two contrasting takes, today..

Infant opens eyes
Sick mother craves to kiss, holds
Temptation; Oh, God!


Carrying on with the tale.. as long as I can..

Elephant wants ant
To kiss him, she starts climbing
Gets tired, sleeps in ear..

By  RS : )


  1. Beautiful sensitivity in the first haiku and some quirky fun in the second!

  2. I agree with Gemma and Andy; but, Ramesh, what I always enjoy most are your funny and whimsical pieces! They are so charming.

  3. There may be reasons why the infant could not be kissed. A pity! The elephant is too hazardous a journey to climb? Beautiful verses!

  4. love the second one, understand the first one, so hard when that happens

  5. The Elephant's Ant -- the best Haiku ever! Here's the untold story:

    Ant wants Elephant
    to kiss her, he starts looking
    and can't find her lips

  6. :) :) the love of a mother beyond the depth of any ocean..

    i am loving this series of ant and elephant :P :D

    loved them both

  7. I love both of them but your elephant/ant series is inspired.

  8. ur first haiku reminds me when my kids were yet small and i've had colds and would not be allowed to kiss them...:(

    the ant and el...that's a very nice tale..:)

    wonderful haikus RS!

    promise to read the rest later...:)

  9. Two great haiku.
    First one sad and poignant.
    Second one made me smile - delivering a kiss can sometimes be hard work.

  10. Honestly you could start and ant/elephant blog I am loving every story you tell of them, this one was so much fun!

  11. Must have gone to whisper sweet nothings into his ear RS!! :D

  12. Tenderness in the first, and charming whimsical fun in the second! Well done ~~ :-)

  13. The second one prompted me to laugh out loud. Charming!

    Kisses here and here and here

  14. awesome take RS....I loved the first one...beautifully penned :)

    the second one...i laughed out loud ..!!!

  15. The emotions of the mother are quite deep and beautiful.. your haiku got it right, RS! :)