Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dreams Come For Free, na

Written for OSI: DREAMS   Prompt 180   
also shared with  Haiku My Heart and Haiku Heights..

 Dreams Come for Free, na

No, empty pockets
Never scare me even a bit
Dreams come for free, na

Carefully choosing
I pick them in bundles of
Myriad colours

Some get wings and fly
Others get caught in  webs of
Deceit and envy 

Betrayals happen
I again pick them afresh
Dreams come for free, na


Here's for Haiku Heights....on International Friendship Day

I wait every year
For friendship day, looking up
I greet Moon, my friend

A true friend indeed
Without fear I can share
No need to pretend.. 

By:  RS : )

A very Happy Friendship Day to you all..


  1. very beautiful RS... ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

    Someone is Special

  2. Great truth there. And Happy Friendship Day to you.

  3. Happy friendship day to you too RS!! Loved your verses today especially when betrayals happen!! Dream on RS!! ..... and of course they are free!! :)

  4. they come for free...!!

  5. Dreams come free - made me smile.

    True friend is indeed one who will share without fear, and you can too share with him without fear. excellent haiku.

  6. oh my God:
    "No, empty pockets
    Never scare me even a bit
    Dreams come for free, na"

    magnificent, truly awesome. I remember reading "I'm the master of my faith and captain of my soul" and trying to be one.. these lines go straight on my blog, u rid me of the fear.. the timing is perfect.

  7. Both are just wonderful! You always know the right thing to say.

  8. I love the way you capture the exuberant "free"dom of dreaming!

  9. to say your heart, mind and soul are moved in purely positive circles; is an understatement.
    thank you for each bright and beautiful word!

  10. If I have the moon for a friend, what more can I ask for? The moon would be a a good nightly companion to be my inspiration as I write.
    Hope my interpretation is not too off tangent from your intention.

  11. this had me smiling there is honestly in every word but pours out feeling in every Haiku thank you so much for this!

  12. happy friendship day...
    moon ..No need to pretend.. and staying there inspires you to write more..
    nice haiku

  13. Even through betrayal and deceit we have to build up new dreams. Very true and meaningful.

    I always go after this same friend of yours:)
    Happy Friendship day.

  14. Wouldn't it be terrible if we could order our dreams and pay for them? All the intrigue and mystery of dreaming we would miss.

  15. The moon is a constant theme for you--I like it :) Look for my poem about the moon tomorrow. Happy Friendship Day!

  16. such truth.
    dreams DO come for free.
    and they are the foundation for wondrous futures.

  17. I especially loved... "I pick them in a bundles of myriad colors... happy friendship day to you a few days late!

  18. Your poetry is wonderful. I always enjoy reading your work. Two lovely poems. I enjoyed the rhyme and flow in "Dreams come for free, na"

  19. Yes dreams come for free just like the bricks that help us cross puddles. We jump from dream to dream and cross the dark, deceitful, discouraging, mocking puddles of life

    Beautiful write up sir. Really is calming and soothing to the reader.......the reason why I come here to get rejuvenated

    Regards :)

  20. Wonderful, almost musical, writing. Very enjoyable.

  21. Love is for ever

    Keep your smiles and live your life

    Dreams come for free, Na

    Lovely Haiku, Sood Ji

    first of all I am sending my link to you to visit...
    Amazing coincidence is dream...So nice write.. and happy friendship day

  23. i cannot help but to ponder these words you speak... nodding, yes, yes, yes....

  24. Of course,dreams come free.
    Glad you can pick them up... least not in dreams!

    To a true friend,no pretension...
    only commitment...

    Lovely! Happy Friendship Week!! :)

  25. Both are wonderful - I hope you had a Happy Friendship day!

  26. How sweet is that..!! I loved it naa :)