Friday, August 12, 2011

Branch of an Old Tree..

Happy Friday... to all of you.. thanks to Rebecca.. in her page I often find wisdom being sprinkled and blessings flowing as they flow from:

Branch of an Old Tree..

Branch of an old tree
Extends itself like God’s hand
Blesses passers-by


Awakened souls all
Arise with sunrise, to walk
Alone with themselves


Fresh faces find glow
When angels descend to join
Someone to share with


End of a good day
Birds all return, embraces
Branch of an old tree..

By   RS : )


  1. Hi Ramesh, Yes I am guilty of living in my imagination.And traveling on virtual vacations for a while now. They have been so much fun. I even come to your country to visit. We had a wonderful adventure in India. Thank you. :) I really enjoyed your wisdom today to. Happy Haiku.
    E :)

  2. Well done. Really beautiful words that are almost lyrical. I especially liked Fresh faces find glow
    When angels descend to join
    Someone to share with"

    Have a wonderful day! Cathy

  3. Love the picture you have painted ... walking among the trees. We have such beautiful old oak trees where I live and they are being stressed by the horrible drought. I love their branches as they shelter me and I pray that they will continue to live and give shelter to me and they birds.

  4. That is a nice collection of Haikus Rs:)

  5. Oh, I would love to be blessed by the tree!

  6. dear ramesh,

    such a perfect "full circle" of haiku. i love that you have spun your wisdom in the arms of an ancient tree that resides just out side both our doors!
    lovely, so lovely, you have placed the strong light of love in this dark night.

    thank you ramesh for brightening my moment.

  7. The day goes full circle, from and to, branches from an old tree. Just like life. Beautiful.

  8. You have this ability to make the mundane look so pretty and dreamy, Rameshji.. that shows your true love for art.. I really liked this haiku set..

    Very recently, I was introduced to a poetry form called Ghazal, at d'VersePoets..
    I loved it!! And having read your beautiful poems for a while now, I think you will really do justice to this poetry form.. the window for submission at dVersePoets might be closed by now, yet I would really like for you to try out this form, cuz I kinda feel that you too will like this form a lot.. I hope you don't mind this request of mine.. :)

  9. This is so lovely, Ramesh~ a kind, wise old hand guiding us gently through the day. And all is good with the world...