Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Extremes of Humanity..

Written for 'The Gooseberry Garden' with the theme...
Adam and Eve...

Two Extremes of Humanity.. 

Adam and Eve
Came back to have a look
At the world
And an amazed Eve exclaimed,
“ Adam, all this chaos
Six billion and counting;
Just because serpent
Tempted us  and we
Ate the forbidden fruit
My God, tell me,
why could we not foresee?”
And that’s the crux
Incapable of seeing the
Future; man has kept on
Eating forbidden fruits
Of many a kind...
Giving birth to great spectacles
Of  Evil; but then good
Too has had its share
Well, the world shall continue
With Light and dark
Taking their turns...
Pray, to stay bathed in light


Haiku a must for me, well it's here..

Had Adam and Eve,
Left the apple there, we won’t
Have this theme today...

By:  RS: )


  1. well rounded writing, what a delight to see you share.

    Happy Poetry Picnic!

  2. Very well said and well written, Ramesh. Thank you!

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  3. Lol, indeed, would we have had this topic at Poetry Picnic, but for them? :)

    Many a forbidden fruit does man eat not knowing about the future. I liked what that conveyed.

  4. forbidden fruit will always be the tastiest therefore man will forever be tempted ...great writing with a great message thank you

  5. I really like what you did with the theme in your poem - tying it together with the modern world and the repercussions of the act was a great idea.

  6. Interestingly put message in the poem :)

    I greatly admire your unique ideas .. always .

  7. glad to be of acquaintance back ramesh thru gooseberry! was on a hiatus and here when i came back and read your writings, i wanted to say that your style actually matures.. a nice twist to the good old fashion adam and eve story!