Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let Me Call It Life...

Compromise, Decision, Forward

Let Me Call It Life...

Moving forward
doesn't mean compromising
So, I chose to stay-put
A decision like that
for me at that time meant
I was moving forward

Stuck heart-deep
in my own web of values
I could feel the vibrations
A new world was emerging slowly
I too got ready to merge
Something had kept moving
Let me call it 'life'
You know it can be felt..



  1. Your poems strike a chord with the heart ... wonderfully expressed !!!

  2. well-done, R. yes, movement is life.

  3. Well Said Sir....!!!!

  4. still..even if it is uncomfortable..has to be the best choice..I hope I hope..fine words..Jae

  5. It CAN be felt and most times we get caught up in the flow of life wether we like to or not.

    The only thing constant is change, no?

    thank you for sharing,
    stu pidasso

  6. lovely. sometimes the decision to stay put is just as hard as the one to move on. nicely said.

  7. Artistic words can be interpreted in the eyes of the beholder. This is perfect motivation for the current U.S. executive and legislative branches to make good decisions for the American people. Very timely, dear Ramesh!