Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giving & Living One Hundred Percent...

Written for Haiku Heights: Wings
and OSI: Passionate

My passion makes me
Flutter my wings and I fly
I am my thoughts..

Written for OSI:

Giving and Living One Hundred Percent..

My passion for writing..
Pulls me just to start it, and
Here I am without knowing
Where will it go
But then going it is
Having already done six lines
I am looking at seventh
And lo, this is eighth..
Your passion for reading
Brought you to tenth
And mine to write
Makes it a dear dozen
Yes, that’s what passion does
Passionate we, get carried away
Hoping for something interesting
Giving our best
Even to those things
Which we may initially
Appear undeserving
For such involvement
But then isn’t that how
We need to live
Giving one hundred percent
To every moment, passionately

Hoping for the good
For, if I have made it to
Living at an average of giving
Eighty percent to every moment
Then I wonder
In my Fifty years of living
I have lived only for forty years
Where did the ‘Ten’ go
And this makes me realize
That one needs to live fully
And that happens only
When one gives to each moment

From heart, mind and soul
Cherishing what then one receives,
One realizes that nothing
Sprinkled with passion
Ever goes waste
I gave my one hundred percent

When I started writing
Without any prior thoughts
Yet passion appears

To have pulled something
Which I always wanted to know
Haven't you too given

One hundred percent
When you began to read
For me it turned out interesting
For you…well, you know it..
I can certainly tell about myself
Yes, I am Happy
Now one thing that I am sure
About you here and now -
You are smiling…yes…


And a Haiku too..for OSI..For Poetry Potluck

King’s passion: Non-veg.
Leaves of tree feel safe, Lion sits
Under their green shade..


  1. while I started reading it I had this faint smile on and by the time I finished reading that smile widened.

  2. Wonderful rambling in the woods ;) and then the passion taking over RS!!
    Flap your wings and let your thoughts fly high as always RS!!

    Have a great day!!

  3. Yes :-)
    Your thoughts certainly took flight.

  4. Rambling poems, I like the way you bring the reader in, and then all out with your thoughts

  5. Wide smile-as I put this comments!

  6. I am smiling - YES. Nice work.

  7. loved the haikus and the poem. every big things start from a small beginning.

  8. we are our true!

  9. amazing writes ... loved the first one the most ... powerful one.

  10. its so brilliant....and believe me even i am smiling after reading this :)

  11. thoughts do have wings, keep flying.

    superb Haiku.

  12. Always two hands full of air beneath your wings.

    Thank you for this escape. Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  13. as if we were talking back and forth sitting across from each other... yes, we are our thoughts... don't know why but i imagine the lion and the lamb

  14. Lovely haiku followed by interesting poem!

    I have awarded you and hope you pick up your award at

    You deserve the best!

  15. Passion can spur on that 100% you said it honestly and beautifully. Your wing Haiku was very lovely also.

  16. positive and fantastic.


    Thanks for sharing...

  17. nice one ramesh though short! here's my potluck..

  18. Loved the last line of your haiku!

  19. So wonderful and clever. One line just pulled me right into the next.

  20. *clap*....*clap*....*clap*!

    Very inspiring verses and your passion for writing really showed in your words here!

    Admirable thoughts Ramesh...keep sharing, your words mean so much to your readers like me!

    Passion in writing is simply a passion for the arts!

  21. True..the passion of writing goes beyond the limit of our imagination.We have to just write...hmm..just type ;)

  22. your passion takes you to wonderful places.

  23. YOUR passion for writing is our gain! Thank you!!! I loved these lines:
    "In my Fifty years of living
    I have lived only for forty years
    Where did the ‘Ten’ go
    And this makes me realize
    That one needs to live fully
    And that happens only
    When one gives to each moment
    From heart, mind and soul"

    So very true... :)

  24. Yes! My passion for writing and gardening are the same. I finally got my passion piece up:

  25. ur haiku tells in 3 lines, as much about u as a whole profile page would, RS :) liked it!

  26. I loved these..

    The Haiku was splendid! I am my thoughts..

    The long poem is a killer. You have rightly summed up what Passion indeed makes us do! I realized it back in my childhood when I used to just get doused in painting things or writing.. the tradition continues.. :)

    Hugs n wishes xoxox