Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I Too Thought So.."

Written for OSI Prompt : Sarcastic

I Too Thought So...

“Are you trying to say,
That, you can think like me?”
His voice was sarcastic
Eyes glaring
All in response to
My innocent remark
-“I too thought so”-
On something that
He had expressed
After meeting
A few lesser beings..
No, I could never
Think like him
How could I
Ever shun humility
To embrace arrogance
How could I put on
A different mask each moment
So that none knows
The real me
I was so incapable of
Flaunting power
Because I didn’t have it
And I lacked the will
To exploit people around
My love for sports
Had kept me out of
Life’s calculating games
How could I really ever
Think like him
So, I looked back at him
And without any sarcasm
Made a matter-of-fact
Statement and said,
“No, I can’t think like YOU!”
His face relaxed
He felt comfortable
And happier too
For he thought
He understood me right
My feelings too were same
At that moment
I was also comfortable
And happy too
For I had once again
Learnt how well did I
Understand myself…

Now my passion: A Haiku with Moon...

Sarcastic Moon shouts,
“How dare you shine more than me!”
Humble star steps back..

By: RS


  1. I love them both but the moon and the star is simply so wonderfully clever!

  2. I like the moon and tales of it. You did well. Tonight it is a full moon. Generally I howl and bite if not restrained.

    Seriously, did you know that this moon we have tonight is closer to the earth than it will be for another 20 years? It is a pretty one.

  3. Haiku and poem both express true feelings.

    I think Haiku should be placed after poem. It reveals the heart of poem.

  4. Got me interested from the first line. Absolutely loved it... the clarity of thought and the efficient expression..... I got reminded of Ayn Rand :)

  5. understanding oneself is a great great achievement ....and i loved the haiku!!!

  6. As long as we understand our 'self', we can deal with anything.
    Great words.

  7. that is so human...!!

  8. Even mean souls can be very good teachers!

  9. It's great when a person knows himself!

    and I love your haiku of the "Super Moon!

  10. I think you totally defined the term and nicely too :)

  11. Hi Ramesh~ Unpretentious people are always well-liked: they allow other people to be themselves without feeling judged. Even that obnoxious moon is going to like you!

  12. Hi Ramesh...both poems are winning takes on sarcasm. I like how humility and kindness shines through in the first poem. Your sarcastic moon haiku is too sweet. I loved that. So creative!

  13. Humility is such a lovely sport that we must all partake in :) RS!! ....and you are such an open book with your feelings and self understanding :)
    I cannot be sarcastic and still pending at OSI :(

    Your Haiku is very bold and daring and hope the Moon and Star don't draw out their swords!! Hehehe!! Let them make peace!! :D

  14. Clearly conveyed.very well written.

  15. Moon and the stars...
    Sarcasm on sky!!
    pray let them stay in peace.

  16. I love how humility diffuses arrogance in the first poem. The beauty of it being, how one can use the same words with different tone and intent.
    And your pompous moon haiku underscores the theme with humor!

  17. some people fail to realise that humility can melt heart and do wonders.
    The poem is nice