Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decorative Pillars Attract Most...

Decorative pillars attract most

It was right in the middle
Good pastel colours
Surrounded by artifacts
The moment one entered the foyer
That’s what would catch the eye..
Area around too was
Neat and tidy
Yes, the pillar stood erect
Strong with untouched pride
I too was standing
Frail and a bit rusty
With my touching pride
Needed support to
Stay a bit longer
What could be a better place
Before anyone around noticed
I went and rested my back with
This solid attraction
And lo! It moved
I almost fell
Oh, it had been hollow inside
But then it didn’t surprise me
It was a pillar, an unanimated
Structure, I had met
So many human beings
Similar to this
Solid when you look at
Hollow when you need support
But then don’t these
Decorative pillars attract most
And the load bearing serve silently..


Sun says, “I give light,”
Yet so much dark inside one
A hollow claim that!!

Written for OSI: Hollow... thanks to Leo nee Vinay for the prompt..


  1. A most perceptive poem. Excellent.

  2. This is brilliant. Very well expressed.

  3. Wonderfully expressed take on the hollowness of ones being, bearing its load silently, masked for those who see, deeply.

  4. The use of humans being hollow especially when we need them. So well written.

  5. And the load bearing serve silently..

    wow..excellently written..

  6. I like poems with meaning, and this my friend is full of meaning

  7. Very deep and eloquently written piece. So much meaning that I had to read through twice.

    Excellent work.

  8. "And the load bearing serve silently.." this is so true in so many cases, as Anthony very perceptive.

  9. Darkness makes a hollow claim, to be sure.

  10. Yes, I have met a person or two like this... Those silent (and solid) folks are treasures. Great take on the prompt!

  11. Very clever...I love your thoughts and sentiments. Looks can be deceiving and not everything is made of solid stuff when you glance on the inside. Perfect poem for this week's theme hollow.

  12. Loved the poems- so very true- the strongest looking are often the hollowest when we need them the most- quite a lesson in that one!

  13. Just beautiful and how very true Ramesh.

  14. This is a splendid poem ramesh, i share your views, i really admired the wisdom inside it- a priceless wisdom which people often cant grasp.

    when i look around me i see both types of pillars. i wonder to which category i belong :)

  15. And the load bearing serve silently.
    How true. But not unnoticed.
    Very perceptive take!