Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zebra Pulls His Stripes..

Haikus for LOL..... and Haiku My Heart

In lighter vain...

Envious of horse,
Zebra shuns his stripes, makes a
Donkey of himself ...


Elephant on diet,
Wears a dress; wants to notice
Any fall in weight....


And now , how can I miss writing on Moon..

High rise outside my
Window hides Moon, heart flies
To catch a glimpse


  1. LOL RS!! You are doing a fantastic job at humor and keeping us in splits!! Bravo!! Love your animal haikus from fantasy land!!

  2. haha..I cant imagine who that elephant

    !!! well written !!!

  3. I particularly like the first one. On thinking about it, a stripeless zebra certainly would resemble a donkey more than a horse!

  4. in the lighter "vain"
    ramesh, you have us on a roll of laughter,
    donkey indeed!

    i love the image of an elephant in a dress..

    and moon? you always wax euphoric for moon.

    thanks for your treasure trove of haiku.

  5. Great post! Humoristic and well written

  6. Sister Moon rising
    to sing me a lullaby—
    yes, I know the words.

    Thank you, Ramesh, for images of moons and elephants and stripeless zebras!

  7. Man, these are wonderful! :)

  8. Hi, Ramesh~ You really are telling us to just be ourselves... in the most charming way.
    And the heart flying to the moon is the most beautiful image.

  9. Ramesh,
    I adore your animal haikus. They are clever and funny. You made me laugh imagining an elephant in a dress attempting to look thinner. And who can resist the idea of the heart flying to the moon to catch a glimpse. Reminds me of the old song "fly me to the moon." Lovely post.

  10. After a lifetime trying to hide my stripes/weight, I decided that after all, on closer inspection I really do like my patternation it makes me unique!

    Sue x

  11. outstanding humors,

    wow, elephant on diet,...