Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Affinity for All That’s Sweet..

Written for 3WW: Fidget, Affinity, Mention

My Affinity for All That’s Sweet..

Whenever there’s a
Whispering mention
Of affinity I had for sweets
I would fidget, because
In spite of my liking
I wasn’t allowed to
Go near those sweeties
Just because once upon a time
About a year ago
My sugar Levels touched 592
Surprised? Doctor too was,
And I… I wasn’t bothered
As they say- for me ignorance
Became a kind of a bliss..
But then I needed to try
And feel comfortable
Even in proximity of sweets
No fidgeting,
And I found a way
I decided to keep in touch
And talk to each one of
Sweeties, like, the other day
That piece of cake
Which would have
Enjoyed getting crushed
Under my teeth to finally
Become a part of
My inner space
Naughtily gestured to tempt me
Cajoled me, threw hints
And I went towards it
Lifted it, put it in a plate
And told it in my own
Sweet sugar coated voice,
‘’Hey, aren’t you
Looking so great, so brown,
Crisp and so very sweet, oh,

Tell me, are you a little
Less sugary today,”
And before it could respond
I handed over
The plate to my spouse
Ah, she is very nice
No need to mention, but
In spite of knowing all about
My affinity she doesn’t mind
If I keep it to talking
To all that’s sweet….
Appears abnormal, ha, ha,
But look at my sugar levels
Those are back to normal… .

- RS


  1. Hahaha RS!!
    I'm sure going to try talking to all those sweeties!!
    Wow!! What a delightful poem with those three given prompt words. It was deliciously sweet to talk to!!

  2. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!HAPPY SHIVARATRI!
    Humorous lines are really make the reader yearn for the piece of cake!:)
    Dost,you're a blessed soul!God takes care!
    Wishing you a relaxing evening,

  3. Still enjoying the sweets but not eating them - that's a rare gift..imagining how good they taste is good enough..yum..Jae

  4. Wonderful as usual...enjoy yourself :D

  5. I shouldn't indulge either, but the damn things keep talking to me!! Seductively ...

  6. I loved this, and I'm glad you found a way to still enjoy them :o) and well done!

  7. Hard to do resist those sweets good for you! Excellent poem

  8. it's tough when something you love and crave can make hurt and harm you. if talking to sweets helps keep them from tempting too much, go for it!

  9. Chatty, heartfelt, smile-causing work, e

  10. Loved your post Ramesh. I can't imagine not being able to have sweets. YIKES. I'm not sure it is healthy that you are talking to inanimate objects like sweets but ... ha ha.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Sugar levels did go up for me in my heart and it left a sweet scent in my memory. Really pleasant. Thanks

  12. You used the three words very beautifully...By the way there is this site where they give you a theme...U can join too by commenting on the first or second post... I am a member. Just click on my profile to see

  13. You have a stronger will than I, my friend. I too talk to sweets, but it is always: "Ah, there you are, come here and be eaten." Impressively good!

  14. AWww maaannnn... Ramesh, cake or no cake, you REALLY are the sweetest!!
    Taking to sweets?!?! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

    LOVED and Enjoyed this poem A LOT, my friend...
    Ummm... I think the chocolate bar sitting next to me needs some talking to right now ;-)

  15. ha - nice..
    loved ..the piece of cake
    which would have
    enjoyed getting crushed
    under your teeth...

  16. Ramesh, I agree with so many posters, you are a sweetie all by yourself. And your wife sounds like a darling, too, so watch those levels. 592, yikes!!

    Here's mine (better late than never!):
    Peace, Amy BL

  17. See...I told you to keep away from sweets na...?
    TC of your health Sir! Nice poem.

  18. When I talk to my sweeties they have to get very close to my lips to hear. Then they jump onboard because they are so full of love.