Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shadows of Future Could Dance Merrily

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Written for 3WW.. Volley, Identical, Dual.

Shadows of Future Could Dance Merrily ..

Both the bungalows
Looked identical
Built for two Sons of a big man
At the same place
Dual the cost and time
But he didn’t differentiate
He treated them equal
Two rooms, well ventilated
One in each, for him
And his spouse
When I saw it
A volley of questions hit me
Most of them evaporated
But one hung in front
Tied at the loose end of
My ever enquiring mind
Sun will enter from the windows
In both the rooms
Morning breeze would make
Golden curtains quiver
Each day, and a
Glorious past captured in
Photos will smile and
Take pride having
Got confined in beautifully
Carved frames, but then
One room would always
Remain empty
For at one time
Only one would be occupied
But then why were two built
Identical and the same
By the similar
For the same, or is it
That something was different
Or could fear of
Something turning different
Had led to creating space
So as to give space,
If it became essential
I sit wondering
Houses have walls
But why do homes have them
Walls of fear
Walls of doubt
Walls of uncertainty
Hey, demolish them I say
And be where the heart
Wants to be, don’t worry
World will any way
Try to give you reasons
To create empty spaces
So that shadows of future
Could dance merrily
But then why to listen...

Had My Twin Lived..

A volley of thoughts hit me
Had my twin lived
Would he be identical
Or is it that he is living in me
Having left some shades
Of him when we were together
Confined in the inner space
Of the womb of my mother
Oh, that explains my dual personality
One , when I am with myself
And the other with you..

: RS


  1. Both the poems were lovely and thought-provoking. Great work.

  2. sheilagh Lee said:Wow these two poems really made you think.

  3. You did that very well RS!! ..seeking answers to many questions!! Loved the ideas in both the poems!!

  4. There are so many unanswered questions regarding the duality or otherwise of twinship. You have covered them beautifully.

  5. These are really great poems. Separate rooms are for secrets. However open we are there is always a little something to hold back, perhaps?

  6. Fantastic poems. I especially love the one about your twin. Well done!

  7. There is sadness..but also the sun and thoughts blowing on the breeze and flapping in the curtains..a person can be lost and at the same time remain with you..great write Ramesh..Jae

  8. terrific twins ramesh, loved both of them.

    homes should never have walls. you are right.


  9. Walking into virgin beaches will naever fail to overwhelm..!!

  10. Ramesh, your poems never fail to make something within me bloom. The second, on the twin... enchanting. I love your work.

    Here's my 3WW:

    Bless you, Amy