Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haiku : Moon Comes Closer

Moon comes closer, ah,
Busy Earth can't even stop
To say a Hello..



  1. thank you ramesh for keeping our world spinning round in round in jOY and harmony.
    i love that you peeked into my world today, as welcome as a full moon!

  2. Loved the humour in this...Gaia can't afford that...she has billions to ferry around..

  3. haha !! Did you say your hellos ?

  4. Beautiful choice of words for the wonderful view of the moon we have seen in the past week _/+. Thank you for stopping by. : )

  5. Moon did honor us
    Full her face, no veils to hide
    Perfect full moon day

    Enjoyed the marvelous sight and you always keep the memories alive here in your unique fun way!!

    P S Wondering what happened to the Ant and the Elephant!! :D