Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moon Haikus.... Haiku My Heart

Somehow I find myself fascinated with Moon and pictures continue to grow in my mind with Moon as the central character.. hope you too enjoy..

Earth Asks..

Eager Earth asks Moon
“Tell me, do I shine like you,”
Moon shrugs, doesn’t tell..


Smart Moon

I hold a moonbeam
And start climbing to reach Moon
Smart Moon cuts it off..

Half-baked Moon

Hungry for haiku;
I ask and she delivers
a half baked moon

by RS


  1. Liked this one! Simple, but a different line of thought :)

  2. Hi Ramesh, The moon is so bright it is so right to inspire us all. I love each word you chose to express this joy. And had to laugh when moon cuts it off. :) thank you for the joy.

  3. After the super moon title the moon seems to have turned arrogant, to shrug off the earths simple query :) and drop you by switching off the light :D
    That was in good humor RS!!

  4. Yes, I agree with the idea that Moon would stay silent and not answer. Earth gets all the glory as Moon waxes and wanes. I don't blame Grandmother Moon.


  5. Nice haiku's...and I am eager to know the answer what the moon have said to earth.
    The second one..lovely!

  6. The first one appeals more to me -- I like the smug knowing of the Moon, her unwillingness to tell what she knows until she's ready.

  7. Ramesh,
    You write in the style of Basho who was also enamored with the moon and things lunar. It is a long time haiku tradition. The moon is central to haiku and you are a master at creating new and interesting ways to tell stories about her. I like her character here.

  8. I enjoy imaging this conversation between the earth and the moon.

    beautifully written...

  9. In yesterday's Hatha Yoga, we practised the cooling moon poses, like your haiku I felt very cool and composed.

    Thank you for all the inspiration.

    Sue x

  10. Very charming, Ramesh! The moon has learned humility (1), and yet she knows how to hold her own (2). Good philosophy of life!

  11. yes the moon does have a strong poetic pull and you have done justice to this faraway light.... it is a wonderful companion in the night sky when all is quiet...

  12. this is very sweet I had to smile while reading these such a pleasure to read them!

  13. Beautiful words. I especially like the first one although both are lovely. I like the idea of the moon being central character ...we would be lost at night without her.

  14. Coming here to read,
    ponder haiku's you've written.
    My day smiles with me.

  15. i missed you ramesh.
    your moon beams and perfect mind
    make my world go round!