Friday, March 18, 2011

Man's Ailing Soul.....for HMH..

Written for Haiku My Heart.... as I pray for the people of Japan who are passing through a difficult phase..

Man keeps smothering,
Mother Earth roars with anger
Ah, hurting herself..

Man's Ailing Soul..

God, take a bit of
Moonlight in your wet hand, and
Mix it with sunlight

Add few drops of dew
Create a soothing balm, and put
On Man’s ailing soul

Perhaps a calm soul
May guide Man not to ever
Try beating nature..

A day may arise when
Sun would watch a happier
Earth go round and round..

By : RS


  1. Wonderful thoughts RS!! A nice solution, a balm to soothe :) I would love to see that happy earth go round and round!!

  2. Wow, Rameshji, wonderful, the haiku is too good..

    Someone is Special

  3. perhaps someday, in spite of man...a very gentle pen you wield...

  4. The people of Japan certainly heard that angry roar...

  5. This is perfect.
    We need to love Mother Earth, care for her well.

  6. Beautiful writings....lovely works of wisdom...blessings...bkm

  7. Ramesh, this was a beautiful heart felt write. Thank you so much for sharing x

  8. Such lovely magic in your words. : )

  9. your words today ring so true. thank you for such thoughtful haiku and deep love for this sweet earth we all share and the family of mankind.

    so glad you are here each week gracing us with your brilliant haiku.

  10. ramesh, i never hear from you and miss you. i hope all is well.

  11. I think the soothing balm is being applied through our loving words, it may take a time, but the time will come.

    Thank you for your healing words,

    Sue x

  12. You are such a poetical personage. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best, Boonie

  13. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    Lovely expression of thoughts....From the depth of the heart....
    Every Action Deserves A Reaction..
    Let the colours brighten your life!
    Wishing you good luck,

  14. dear ramesh,

    thank you so much for your warm and lovely comment. i really feel so close to everyone here at haiku my heart and think of you all and your generosity of spirit and willingness to be here week after week.

    i not only read every ones entries and leave a comment, i return several days later to read every comment left on each of your haiku posts and soak in the comfort and caring we all so joyfully extend to each other.

    i love it when you all leave a note my it strengthens this wonderful feeling of family and care!

    thank you so much ramesh for taking the time to visit with me!


  15. i love the blend of sun, moon and dew soothing one's soul... we are but a momentary mist here on earth... thank you for the beauty of your words...

  16. Hi Ramesh~ You're a beautiful, sensitive writer, and your haiku is at once heart-felt and astute. As is your poem--for every time mankind does something redemptive for the earth, it also commits a crime against it. Have you heard of the Indigo children? They are our hope for the future. Love.

  17. Ah better words could not have been written by Thoreau or Emerson. These are the haikus of a naturalist poet. Lovely. I think that they carry a very important and heartfelt message. They force us to stop and listen. They are soothing but also increase awareness.