Monday, February 28, 2011

I Had Made a Cartoon of Myself

Written for Poetry Potluck ... theme Cartoon.... and what could be a better way then to confess....

I Had Made a Cartoon of Myself

Wanted to press
My trousers, couldn’t use
Electrical Iron, due to
Power-cut in that
Summer of 1973
Yet, creative mind of
The child in me
Looked at a utensil,
Molded from steel
Bottom, a plane surface,
Thought I knew science a bit, so
Put it on the burning flames
Of a gas stove in the kitchen
Freedom was exercised
With none around
And then the utensil
Got heated up, ready to be used
So I picked it with a tong
And pressed the trousers
Lo! The trousers vanished
What remained was a Short
Unworthy of adorning me
Thanks to my scientific
Innovative mind
I had made a cartoon
Of myself
The caricature still
Laughs at me often from
The walls of naughty
Memories of an innocent
And creative childhood...ah,

- RS


  1. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    We can always laugh at ourselves,the past,the foolosh and silly acts.
    Whenever I laugh at myself,Amma feels sad!
    But then I have an immediate answer..''Amma,it is better to laugh at myself than at others!''
    Good and interesting...
    Since you have mentioned about the scientific mind,I must congratulate you,dost as this is the apt post for the day!

  2. Super power mind- invention of utensil iron box ,another Sci-fi invention made by a child in 1973 ...which lead to make a cartoon in your writing and made your post an enjoyable read..Loved the poem and the haiku.

  3. LOL, very funny and nicely told.

  4. impressive creativity shown here.
    your title is reflective.

    Thanks for writing a piece especially for JP.


  5. Great writing. Your poetry touches.

  6. smiles. sometimes our crestivity can get us into trouble...though it was a good thought..

  7. A scorching moment of discovery! What a great piece.

    This reminds me of a sewing teacher I had who made sure we ironed every seam with "plenty of steam and moisture, plenty of steam and moisture."

  8. Great discovery of innocent mind...but all these small small things in childhood teaches us great lessons unknowingly...
    Wonderful write...

  9. I am laughing still here!

    I eagerly read through to about what cartoon you made of yourself- this is hilarious- this really happened- my laughter doubles up then..

    Wishing you a nice week Rameshji
    Smiles xox

  10. you ended it with a nice ah and thats great! here's my potluck ramesh..

  11. I love the poem. I am so hoping that this is a true story. If so, what a great memory to pass on.

    Well written. I have such trouble with writing poetry in this fashion and this is a growth area for me. Maybe this will motivate me to step out of my comfort zone!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. hahahahha... you gave me a REAL good laugh, Ramesh!! Imagining the trouser-transformed-into-shorts was just tooooo cute!!!
    I loved the honesty and the innocence you have brought out and reminded us of in this poem... my cartoon stares at me from the makes faces too... hehehe

    Such an enjoyable and sweet read this was..thank you so much, R!!!

  13. what a way to look at one's own caricature and amazingly describe it in words... lively

  14. love your humor.
    keep tickling..

    join us if you wish.