Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Can Practice Being Kind...

Before venturing into 3WW.. let me write a Haiku for SiS's Challenge..

Mom still holds me tight
In her heart, now that she lives
And glows in my heart..

Written for 3WW... Blink, Kind, Occasion..

Life In a Blink...

Life in a blink, God
Help me be kind even on
Occasions unkind...


I Can Practice Being Kind..

Ah, I can keep on talking
And talking without a blink
Listening is so very hard
I am always on a brink

Nothing wrong if on occasions
I can practice being kind
By listening and helping one
Throw garbage out of one’s mind

Ah, to nurture cleaner minds
What else would be a kinder deed
God , let me never blink to lend my ear
To whosoever is in need, indeed

For that’s the gift I have been receiving
From many a kinder heart
Who make their presence felt around
In spite of living distances apart..



  1. Your kindness is certainly spread across many 'distances apart'..Jae (ps I love the new look of your page)

  2. Sheilagh Lee said: Distance can be breached with kindness.Love your poem

  3. Ramesh, your poems are helping to soften an old heart that was in danger of becoming leaden & sour.
    Thank you!

  4. "Life in a Blink" is simply lovely. I really enjoyed that one in particular.

  5. Ramesh - you really do have the soul of an old poet! Your words brighten and enlighten - and there's a kind of mystical joy to it! Thanks!

  6. creative.

    gloves your heart, lovely part for or from mom.

  7. Beautiful...all of them...
    the first haiku is excellent...

  8. Rameshji, you have said it all.. Thanks..

    Someone is Special

  9. Beautiful as usual. The haiku is excellent :)

  10. you are very much a class poet. I just appreciate how you put words together.