Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something Wonderful Is Happening..

A poem from my Past..

I was passing through perhaps very difficult times.. when once I lost sense of time . and it was only next day morning that I realized I had slept for a long time.. but then I found I was awake.. breathing.. and there was a sunbeam falling from my window on to my pillow.. outside it was a glorious day and breeze was flowing..
And the realization came that whatever may happen.. with anyone , the world will move on.. Sun will all its glory.. a new day will come.. and at the end of that fresh day I had written this poem..and made a new beginning… My room in office even today has just this one line pasted and I look at it often and enjoy the feeling and energy it gives.. I put it as title of the poem.. here..


Wow, I can hear
Sounds of soft footsteps of
The new day arriving
Slowly weaving its way
Through the path studded with
Glittering and shining moments;
Lo, behold!
I am also listening to its soft Whispering voice
Telling me About itself, “ I am hope
Arriving with a bundle of Beautiful Dreams &
Happy Happenings on my shoulders ………
Dreams which you can turn in to diamonds;
I am Happiness riding on the back of ticking moments
Which you can receive with open hearts;
I am pure joy just to be embraced with open arms;
Have faith in me, forget what happened

It was a part of your evolution
Hereafter always tell yourself
At any given moment of time..

I keep hearing this voice.. hope you will hear too..



  1. In this poem really something wonderful is happening:) Love your poem ... great bit of work

  2. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    Morning when I went to the balcony I was surprised to see the full moon and I was trying to see the reflection in the sea!
    I felt nice and really wonderful...
    And the day turned out to be good...
    Beautiful post bringing out the wonderful and postive feelings in one's mind...
    Great job,dost!Blessed you are!

  3. I'm clapping inside! This carried such a tremendous wave of love and light... It is something I will hold inside for a long time.

  4. What a nice poem, I will try to remember that Something Wonderful Is Happening. Especially when I am in a blue mood.

  5. smiles...i love your postive outlook...and will try to keep that in mind as i walk through the valley...

  6. bri is spot on about the positive outlook..what a wonderful uplifting poem...thanks for sharing this with the celebration and thanks for writing the intro too..cheers pete