Friday, February 18, 2011

Stars' Murmur Stops

Happy Haikus for Haiku My Heart..

Stars' murmur stops
Moon waves goodbye to night
East wears orange


Laughing flowers,
Whistling breeeze,fluttering wings,
Ah, morning’s love song..



  1. ~east wears orange~ I love this imagery of a wild sunset, followed by a moonwave!

  2. As I write this today, it's taht time. The night has faded into daytime and the orange is in the East. It's like you were here to write it. Very nice.


  3. ramesh,
    your salutations to a new dawn,
    are stunning.
    thank you for your beauty offered so generously to us all.

  4. Beautiful imagery created and would love to see such sights everyday!! Wonderful Haiku's!!

  5. I saw a fence in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico wearing oranges (some prankster had stuck them on the pointed ends of the metal fence), but somehow I don't think that's what you had in mind! :-) (I do like the image of the east wearing orange.)

    Haiku My Heart, O Sentinel

  6. That line has struck a cord with many today - the East's fancy dress is so poetic, Ramesh !
    Thank you for this delight.

  7. Ramesh-
    How lovely that you give such sweet and human qualities to the firmament. The stars murmuring, the moon waving and the east donning the latest fashion. And why not? After all, it is a grand and beautiful ballet up there in the heavens is it not? I love your second haiku as well. It is such a lovely tribute to the best part of the day.

  8. What a beautiful description I must say

  9. the beauty of night and dawn spoken so beautifully in the 'kuz....

  10. Hi Ramesh~ I absolutely love your haiku. They turn some of our usual concepts on their heads: the moon bidding night goodbye and not the sun; east wearing orange and not the west which sets the sun in orange; however, diving into such a delightful morning makes perfect sense and me glad. Thank you!

  11. A fading moon at sunrise.