Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Am Keeping My Fingers Crossed - 3WW

Written for 3WW: Abrasive, Loss, Handful

I Am Keeping My Fingers crossed

Ah, finally he could choose
To be abrasive with select few
He had reached where he wanted to
Power had been bestowed, and
He made right choices, pulling down
The shining faces and glowing spirits
Where was the alternative
Their light made his own scars visible
Scars which he had received
In the battles he had been fighting
With his own self, and opposites
A handful of mute on his side
Sustaining the power, and
The need to hold on to it
Needed just that kind of small army
Of trustworthy and loyalists
Others could be sacrificed
On the altar of exotic dreams
Without any loss of face, for
He could easily hide behind
His pretentious self, keeping a smile
Stolen perhaps from the forgotten
Moments of innocent childhood
No, it did not matter to him
If Just a handful accompanied
Him on his last journey
Living abrasively had been taught to him
Loss of innocence had occurred
Just as a shooting star suddenly appears
And then melts in the haze
He had picked up from the way
What was offered
And he was right, and those purer
Around him understood that
A flickering light of purity

Burnt deep inside
In the same corner from where
The infectious smile had come
Perhaps waiting to become a flame
And along with those others few
I too wait with a bated breath
And God looks at me from
Behind the curtain of

My own clouded thoughts
His eyes full of mischief, and I understand
It has been His ploy with me, as always
He wants me to remain hopeful
I am keeping my fingers crossed …



  1. sheilagh Lee said:Wow powerful. love your poem!

  2. I love the idea of being 'looked upon by the eyes of a mischievous God' - makes me feel even more certain that hope will win!..also love the image of the 'shooting star melting in the haze'..hope you made many wishes on it..Jae

  3. I think He's doubly mischievous with me at times ;-)
    Great words, as always.

  4. Another masterpiece! Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  5. Where do you find such inspiration ?
    It is better to live in hope, that's
    for sure. Great poem Ramesh.

  6. keep your fingers crossed,
    what a sweet gesture,
    beautiful spirits in your poem.


  7. A very power packed poem and with many truths told.

    Loved the fun way you treated the meeting, face to face with God!!

    I can picture it so clearly RS!!

    Lovely poem and living in hope too :)

  8. oh He's always mischievous, RS :) good poem.. I especially liked the line, "handful of mute" :D

  9. Thanks so much for your comment at my place

    smiles and crossed fingers, now there's a winner

  10. This was just lovely! I am keeping my fingers crossed, too...

  11. Wow, Ramesh ji, this is simply wonderful poem. The pain at times, the joy sometimes.
    Very nice poem.

  12. Oh! This phrase "Living abrasively had been taught to him" says so much, explains so much, is true so many times. This is intricately woven.

  13. A wonderfu poem. I love the idea of a mischievous God.

  14. I'm crossing my fingers for you too:)

  15. Their shining faces making his scars show... what an image! Honestly, Ramesh, your work gets better and better. Great take on the prompt. Loved it.

    Amy BL

  16. You do write some wonderful poems!

  17. Greetings…

    Please help visit a few poets 2 wish them happy birthdays, Thanks!

    Your contribution to our community is highly valued!
    Keep up the excellence!

  18. Oh I enjoyed this one very much! A wonderful use of the words :)

    **Thank you for the visit. Thank you for taking the time to read my work :)**

  19. Ramesh,

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Very well done!

    Peace, Nico

  20. interesting poem ... it felt political in nature to me & I really enjoyed it.