Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yes, the City Looked Very Small…

Written for OSI prompt: TOP

Thanks to Sandra ..for a prompt that gave me a chance to write on something I have always believed ..

Yes, the City Looked Very Small…

A wise man told me years ago,
“ You must try to reach the top”
I walked on and on, ran,
Sprinted and jumped, looked all around
But couldn’t see the top
And then one day I looked up
Towards edge of the city, and
I knew what the wise man meant
It took me a lot of hard work
Had to Negotiate difficult turns,
Brave rough weathers on the way
But then finally I reached
The top of the hill, that
Had beckoned me for years
Wow, the sky was so near
And I could touch moon
With my hands
Stars twinkled in my eyes
That’s when I looked down
And lo, from top of the hill
I could see the city spread
Far down below, so small
I could place it on my palm
Euphoria of having reached
Started catching me unawares
When a thought hit me
Like a bolt of light
Yes, city looked very small,
But then, those living there
No they couldn’t see me at all…
Ah, what a disconnect..
I suddenly felt lonely
And began preparing myself
To return to where I belonged
As I realized - Reaching skies
Was all the more beautiful
When one remained connected
With the ground ... where
One can see others happy
And smiling and be seen too
Yes, that too is a human need..

- RS


  1. Yes RS!! You have done an excellent job here and beaten your very best in this marvelous poem!!

    I would rate this as the best in recent past.

    Such wonderful thoughts and great sentiments expressed in pure simplicity!!

    No single line but the entire poem makes a mark!!


  2. ah, a wonderful contemplation on what is important.

  3. Hi Ramesh, thanks for visiting my blog. The admiration is mutual. Enjoyed your poem thoroughly.Shall be back for more.

  4. Yes. There is a deep desire to remain connected. Well expressed.

  5. Yes. There is a deep desire to remain connected. Well expressed.

  6. A delightful journey of thoughts! Especially liked the final awakening that "Reaching skies
    Was all the more beautiful
    When one remained connected
    With the ground..."

  7. An excellent point in this. The top is not always a good place.

  8. A lot of wisdom here, and I thank you for sharing this

  9. To aim high but keep one's attachments to the low.....let's hope it can be done.

  10. an experience we should not miss!!

  11. Fantastic words and great advice to stay connected. Love this.

  12. Wonderful thoughts, Ramesh. Thank you.
    All the time I was reading it I was thinking of two metropolitan mountains I have climbed. The first was in Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, U.S. The second was Mont Real in Montreal, Canada.

    The funny part though, was that I drove up to the top of both of those little mountains. Those climbs were easy.

    I did climb another mountain quite regularly in El Paso, Texas. Sometimes I would ride the cable car back down.
    Thank you again for these memories.

  13. A wonderful journey! I loved the summing up at the end, about people having the need to be seen.

  14. Once a goal is reached, life is evaluated and a new goal is set. So is man, and mankind advanced. Beautiful poem.

  15. What a profound realization... that the greatest heights are never far, and connection with others part of the plan. This is a keeper!!

  16. feet on the ground and looking up in the sky is not so bad at all

  17. Yes, the top can be worrisome. You must stay connected to what grounds you. Marvelously said.

  18. Touching heaven without leaving earth, we become as heaven, I think. A beautiful poem.

  19. Beautiful poetry...I think you've described the dilemma of reaching the top while wanting to connect with those down on earth. Wonderful words that comes from the heart.

  20. You made it Ramesh! Thank you for the journey and for this great interpretation of the prompt. Well said.

  21. lovely realization.. lifes a discovery.. nice ramesh.. my potluck's here:

  22. a most wonderful journey to behold and touch the work of his hands.... on earth and in heaven...

  23. In spite of conventional wisdom/thought, the top's not always the best place to be...beautiful journey you've led us on here, touching on the elevation of man in his connection to others. Never lose your head - an important lesson...

  24. BEAUTIFUL!!! Really, all that glitters is not necessarily golden :) You said this perfectly thru' this poem, Ramesh...
    It is golden when enjoyed with others... Alone, everything gets dull after a while..
    I am sure many of can relate to this feeling...
    Very well put, my friend.. Kudos!
    I hope you enjoy the brilliance of the moon and the twinkling of the stars with the ones with you love...

  25. smiles. nice wisdom in this...being seen is truly a need though the top is not always the best place to find it...

  26. a splendid poem ramesh, full of wisdom, sweetness and truth.

    whats the use of flying if i cant touch the ground, build my nest?