Friday, February 11, 2011

Hi, Haikus.... Haiku My Heart

Last week I wrote, for which Grammy made pictures..
And had been thinking to write more on Angel's visit.. so here's the continuation:

Last Week's Haiku..

Ah, visit of angels
My thoughts roll out a rainbow
Happy colors greet

Angels look in awe
Sublime colors offer peace
Aren’t they already home


Continuation , this week..

Stay in here and relax
As long as you want, friends,
Mind hosts angels

Angels are transformed
In to winged thoughts of joy
Touching souls around

Dark thoughts stay away
Fearing bright light of joy,
Ah, lucky me

And one from my archives especially for Haiku My Heart..

Millions of fireflies
Descend on dark lonely lane
Smiles grow on stones



  1. You do it so beautifully RS!! The imagery created is excellent and you could even melt the stones to smile!!

  2. you have truly spoken to me today...~winged thoughts of joy~ thank you

  3. You are so creative.

    All the best, Boonie

  4. I love this Ramesh... The middle line of the second haiku, I think this is the job of Angels. I hope these thoughts for all mankind. Very nice.


  5. Such beautiful words my friend.

    Don't forget that You
    Too are an angel of light
    You shine your light bright.

  6. I love the words Grammy left for you, Ramesh ! You are indeed a bright and shiny light !
    The phrase that caught my heart the most today was "winged thoughts of joy" - I can just feel them fluttering in me !
    Happy Friday!

  7. These Haikus indeed are as cute as angels. Your beautiful words make our days lively

  8. beautiful words...that bright light of joy!

  9. It was mentioned recently that what you read last thing at night will be with you in the morning, I'm going to bed with your lovely angel thoughts!

    Thank you Ramesh,

    Sue x

  10. My favorites is the last. I've always been a fan of fireflies since trying to light my bedroom with their little lanterns.

  11. I love all of the angel haikus. May angels surround you and bless you, Ramesh. I also love the firefly haiku. It is poetic and elicits beautiful imagery. They are all lovely.

  12. dear ramesh,
    so beautiful! i love that your thoughts have stayed with this haiku an taken strength into this new week.

    thank you for choosing to add this jewel to your offering...

    Millions of fireflies
    Descend on dark lonely lane
    Smiles grow on stones

    you have swept me away!!!

  13. Thank you for beautiful imagery and expression, Ramesh

    fireflies can rest
    where angels arc as winged thought
    Light and dark are one

  14. i love the angel thoughts of joy! you are a poetic soul : )