Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trees Laugh Along With Winds..

Written for ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION: Vellicate

A new word for me ..thanks to The Odd Inkwell for the prompt.. I have taken the meaning that denotes 'causing irritation or uneasiness...'

Trees Laugh Along With Winds…

Winds vellicate, trees
React spontaneously
And shed dry leaves

And shed dry leaves
What else, frustration targets
Genuine victims..

Genuine victims, dance
Around gravity and fall
Trees laugh along with winds

Trees laugh along with winds
Enjoying the spectacle
A human trait, this!


Here's an attempt with another meaning..

Mom's gesture of a
touch vellicates, child laughs in

- RS



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  2. Very beautiful flow of words Ramesh...:)

    I like how you expressed it...:)and it seems like a loop poem...I know it is..:)

    Me, I tried hard to work on it, but seems not good enough, I guess I misinterpreted it!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments Ramesh!

    February 27, 2011 12:12 AM

  3. Absolutely delightful poem in a loop RS!! It blends with your inimitable style and you can paint larger pictures too!!

    I liked the comparison to the human trait and how true that is!!

  4. Ramesh ji, coming here after a long time. Love the way you've written the poem. And I learnt a new word too - Vellicate!! Thanks!!

  5. I will think of this word from now on when the wind is swishing through trees. I like the second poem too. Such excitement.

  6. Nice on both poems, like the first one best

  7. i like that flirty wind , how the trees must have enjoy its tickling tactics

  8. You gave this word a lot of meaning for me. Love both poems.

  9. I am laughing along with your trees.

    what a tickling piece.

    come join poetry potluck tonight,

    you rock.

  10. very near to a looping haiku :) nice thoughts, Rameshji..

  11. Thanks every one for you encouragement..

  12. I love that you took the irration view on Vellicate. I love learning and using new words and this was a new one for me.

    Nicely done Ramesh.

  13. I love the second one- how sweet! The line: "trees laugh along with the winds" is just perfect for an early spring day...

  14. I enjoyed the reflections on human nature and the implied ability to laugh at one self. Well done.