Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nothing Extra-ordinary About It - 3WW

Written for 3WW

Highlight, Submit, Instruct

First, a Haiku

Sunlight highlights shades
as a mark of submission;
nature instructs

Nothing Extra-Ordinary About It

God's one line instruction
for me had been simple:
" Highlight all that is
good in others;
Don't submit to
Your own temptations.."

And I did what
All the ordinaries do
I highlighted
My own perceived strengths
And started submitting
to my own temptations

Then one day as I stood
In front of the mirror
I couldn't recognise myself
That's when the false layers
Got pealed one by one
And I realised my follies..

I started highlighting
All that was good in others
And never submitted
to any temptations
I was able to clearly
recall God's instructions

You want to know
How did I do that?
Well, I just blocked
all the external noise
And that's when God spoke
loud and clear once again

Well, I heard him this time
Realised, understood,
Made a clear choice and
The shift happened spontaneously
Had I taken time to decide
I would have remained ordinary

As you see my decision
To hear God just for
One more time carefully
Changed things for me
And you can see now I am

Ha, nothing extra-ordinary
About know..




  1. We all need mirrors like that occasionally. But surely just one temptation? A little red wine…?

  2. So that explains the blog name..thank you for sharing Ramesh..whatever we believe in..the only way to be guided is by quieting the noise..inside and out..and beautiful haiku as ever.. j j j :)

  3. that is truly beautiuful sometimes you do have to cut out the unnecessary noise and hear God's word.

  4. A realization and a discovery, does not make it ordinary. Great write Ramesh!


  5. Very thought provoking. Reminds me of St Paul on the Road to Damascus.His spiritual awakening was on a horse. Yours was in front of a mirror.Rare experiences and nothing ordinary about it.

  6. Excellent very thought provoking as we all just need to hear His calling.

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