Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Morning , God

The huge orange circle of Sun slowly lifts itself up from the East moving upwards shining in its own glory and splendour. The birds start singing in unison as the flowers wake-up lifting their eyelids shrugging a night of silence away. The blades of verdant grass begin to dance as the slow soft morning breeze zooms past touching their heads. Oh! It’s absolutely delicious. Yes, you must taste at least some moments early morning in this lovely park some time.” That’s what I was told by an early riser who had been regularly visiting the park that had come up next to our house. A little, small paradise – the result of a magnificent creative effort! A master stroke of paint and brush wiped out a thick jungle as that small piece of earth saw a lovely painting of colours being drawn on its face for a complete transformation. Narrated so eloquently, I could not resist such magnificence of nature and one fine morning forcing myself out of the bed early I went for a walk in the park.

It was indeed a glorious sight. A golden eastern sky beckoned me as wings grew on my heart and it took a solitary flight probably to shake hands with the majestic Sun even before it came out of its depths. I simply surrendered to the beauty all around. It was an extremely delightful experience. I exclaimed," Good Morning , God!" Ah, It was ecstacy. Pure bliss! And  I asked my friend Pashant who was also doing his morning drill of exercises there," Hey, can there be anything more beautiful than this ever?" Prashant looked at me and said, "Yes, there can be." I almost shouted, " What can be better than this, no.." He calmly replied, " Tomorrow morning!!".. A lesson forever that in optimism..

Touch wood! And I got in to this habit of morning walk in the park followed by a few minutes of deep reflection and a journey within changed my outlook towards life. But then it is bound to happen anyway. When you start your morning amidst such great delight, you choose to keep it that way with a deliberate effort. You start making choices which would add to the delight and not otherwise. The moment I step inside the park and breath the beauty of the morning sky and the splendour of the blooming flowers and feel the touch of a lovely fresh breeze and hum along with the birds my heart almost spontaneously exclaims with joy in a whispering tone – “Good Morning, God!”. And God responds by making it better in his own charming ways.


  1. i took those very steps with you....and i too heard god's voice.
    dawn is a perfect ecstasy.
    and now...sharing it all.

    thank you ramesh for awakening my heart.

  2. Woww!!!!!! Beautiful, Fantastic Walk IN The Early Morning, With the rays of Sunrise & Voice of God !!

    I Really Enjoyed This Write Up!!

    Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit In My Blog :)

  3. Dear Rameshji...
    Wonderful Block So kind of you having converted such a small meaningful, spontaneous conversation into a nice block....
    This is original Prashant out of above story replying after almost 20 years of that incident in the garden with the fresh memories as fresh as rising sun.....

  4. Nice to find you commenting here and talking to you Prashant.. Lets stay tuned to the mornings to have great days.. Regards, RS