Friday, January 1, 2010

A Tall Tree ........

About seven years ago I wrote in my book the following lines:

A tall tree never took pride
In that it was touching skies;
For, it knew the basic truth
Because of the roots, it was alive.

But for about a year have been thinking as if these lines were incomplete …… wasn’t able to get it …. But then looking around and contemplating and wondering and reading and wondering more, I think I was able to get …. which I am putting here…..
knowing that there are always exceptions to any rule....

Not only roots , to God too,
Its indebtedness it should show
For not having any other one around,
obstructing sunshine & stopping it to grow

Must say thanks to the soil too
Which adjusted and fed it well
And tiny bushes that kept woodcutters away
Who would have cut it to burn in hell

But why then such tall tree remembers
only the roots and Sun on top
Forgetting soil, plants and the bushes
Knowing one day everything will stop

Strong winds would shake the strong roots
Years would make it weak and frail
Why should then it not let new saplings sprout
Leaving behind a successful trail


  1. Love the idea of saplings keeping the trail of life alive! Like a legacy! Lovely poem!

  2. inspirational...we must remember everyone who helps us grow and move forward in life...

  3. The first three verses are so strong in expression. An impressionable thought there. Superb!

  4. Very well said.

    Trees must take a balanced view of life, including earth, nutrition, surroundings, sunshine, sky and God.

    Fruits should carry on the life and let others enjoy the shade, wood and oxygen.

  5. love the imagery, strong wind shake the roots of the tree...

    what a powerful contribution..


  6. Wonderful poem, Ramesh. Nature teaches us so much about the divine.

    My potluck:

  7. The beginning you wrote seven years ago was in itself great..
    but now it definitely seems to be complete...
    The ending is superb :)