Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Dash of His Hand: Haiku and Poem

Written for Haiku Heights 
Prompt: Moral

Haiku My Heart

One Single Impression

For:  Haiku Heights

Never slips,
he holds morals tight;
distant peaks


For: Haiku My Heart

clouds roar and then rain;
ripples of  laughter appear
on the face of lake

For One Single Impression

Just a Dash of His Hand

Just a dash of his hand
with the loud thud
made the wooden table tremble
from that sudden shock
as her dreams splattered
on the floor without a sound
breaking into millions of pieces
which only her teary eyes
could see from behind
the wet layers of salty water
and he quietly walked over them
without realising that some pieces
might have got stuck
under the sole of his shoes
and I wonder if
the pain stuck in those
will ever reach his soul..
Nothing much had happened
everyone had been quizzing her
about the glow on her face
and springs in her feet
and the gleam in her eyes
and she had just filled the 'dash'..
and that's when came
just a dash of his hand


An attempt to create a haiku combining all

A dash of his hand
makes her laughter disappear;
perceived morals



  1. having morals sometimes makes the journey a bit longer,,.

  2. at times, those morals slip and peaks become more distant :)

  3. I like this. Never is a very long time. He has true strength necessary to reach the mountain peaks.

  4. Keeping those distant peaks in sight can be difficult at times on the road he is traveling, I suspect! Who is (Im)moral?

  5. Those roads are so often hazardous. Nice one.

  6. Ramesh, I love them all, but your final haiku shows the benefits of shrinking our poems. It says all that needs to be said!

  7. thought provoking and scary. agree with viv, the haiku was a powerful one!

  8. enjoyed your response to OSI - 'dash'; Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  9. my darling friend,
    you have a way of weaving words that never fail to lift my heart. thank you.

  10. RS - good each of them, and especially the middle. ~ M

  11. Loved both forms, they tell a great story. Inspired me to do my own long and short versions - thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Oh wow powerful and very sad the poems about domestic violence but beautifully written

  13. Those distant peaks can sometimes seem unattainable!

    Moral Compass

  14. RS .Wonderful Haiku. All are equally good.

  15. I loved your poem 'just a dash of his hand'
    Beautifully described :)

  16. Hello RSji...
    When I was reading above Haiku Heights, I, actually was not reading, I was watching a small movie.
    Never thought a "Just a dash of Hand" would make a flow of such emotions...

  17. I love your dash poetry Ramesh. "Just a dash of his hand" is a powerful introduction to a breathtaking poem.