Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crumbling Foundations..3WW

Isolate, Scrutinize, Faithful

Crumbling Foundations

( a cascade of haiku..)

New isolates and
then scrutinizes their deeds; 
faithful to the old

Faithful to the old
slowly get eliminated;
building strong future

Building strong future
on the foundation of fear;
illusion of growth

Illusion of growth
keeps the important happy;
new gets accolades

New gets accolades,
fulfilling their short term goals;
perishes with time

Perishes with time
hopes of  faithful to the old;
crumbling foundations

Crumbling foundations;
time to go back to the roots
having learnt lessons..



  1. The wise man built his house upon the rocks springs to mind as I read..we can only build up from the things we know..maybe..

  2. Crumbling foundations;
    time to go back to the roots
    having learnt lessons.. I love your last lines it's so true sometimes things crumble but we learn and move forward

  3. I like the logical progression you have created here.

  4. How beautifully put. Illusion of growth ..keep the important happy....
    Now important is a relative term. Who and what becomes important for us... Depends on the kind of growth we want.... Alas the deemed growth is more often than not illusionary indeed....
    But hopes may perish, illusion will not be long lived either; and when theillusion and hopes turn decay; the humous so created brings forth a green sapling.... This sapling will not perish for it ascends from belief not hope.... Realization not illusion.... Let all the weeds, the wild creepers and the rootless ones grow.....all they would end up doing is enriching the bed on which the ultimate green of deliverance, of life fully livedwould stand

    1. Wow.. thanks RM for the wisdom sprinkled.. what beautiful words you write.. amazing.. I am awe-struck...


  5. :-) you are a master in cascading haikus. Bought a smile to my face.

  6. a beautiful poetic form told by a storyteller on a cold night near a warm crackling fire....