Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3WW and Haiku Circus

Slurp, Beast, Aspire

True Mirror

Slurps like a beast
and aspires to be a debonair
world laughs at his back
will luck ever make him
meet his true mirror
who won't only show
but speak too...


Here's a hiku for Haiku Circus

Beckons the sky
so vast and blue;
I grow wings..



  1. indeed the blue vast sky is sometimes inviting :) beautiful writes

  2. Haiku Horizons has taken over from Haiku Heights. Oneofaclass is hosting it on his blog every Sunday. Since you have grown wings you can fly over there:)

  3. I love how you combine pieces..they always seem to have a connection and enhance each other..I think the blue sky and wings are far more honest and a happier path to aspire to

  4. I love the beckoning sky!
    Feel free to try Haiku Horizons at:

  5. these are all so much fun to read. I love your poetry!

  6. I have met some slurpless beasts in my day. But they are still beasts.

  7. They try to be what they are not. The fun of it they never realize the world think of them differently! Wonderful write Ramesh!


  8. ...he needs the wicked step mother's mirror... you know the story... mirror mirror on the wall... oh well, i digress... i thought you blended the words in such a way it was a story first... and the 'ku was beautiful..

  9. Love the "beckons the sky" line!
    and smiles to the "slurps like a beast" !!!