Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Shall Have to Act As If....

Phobia, Enlist, Authentic..

I Shall Have to Act As If....

Phobia of darkness
made me reluctant, else
I would have 
enlisted myself in
the army of stars
Moon appears to be
an authentic leader
yes, never makes its presence felt
when king Sun is around..
Well, I shall have to act as if 
phobia doesn't exist..
Darkness may whither away
now that my mind has got illuminated
with this new awareness
I can act as if I am 
and then, slowly  become in time..



  1. I think that is probably the key Ramesh..acting as if you are..and then you become..makes perfect sense..and good to see sun and moon

  2. One makes a stand and act bravely. The way will be lighted certainly. Nicely Ramesh!