Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Will Take A Walk Alone.. 3WW

What a cathartic experience
As I gather all the negative emotions
In a plastic bag
And tie them up tightly
I want to throw them far away
in the barren lands
But it could be risky
If the plastic gets damaged
And those dark emotions
Get wings once again
Won’t my efforts to walk
confidently with my face lit up
with happy thoughts
Land in jeopardy
Well, I think instead of putting
Them all in a plastic bag
I will let them fly with the winds
Perhaps the comfort of
Melding with clouds and trees
and listening to birds on the way
Will soothe them, I think, for now 
I will take a walk alone..



  1. Next time Ramesh, consider a paper bag - it's bio-degradable. ;)

  2. it's good to let them dark emotions fly in the winds

  3. Much better to set them free that bag them up in plastic or indeed your head.

  4. I agree with releasing them to the winds...perhaps from the top of a high mountain peak. I enjoyed your writing.

  5. Letting words out to drift in the wind is truly magical..maybe we all do that..hope you enjoyed that walk Ramesh ;)

  6. I'm sure they just flew past my windoe - thank goodness it was closed!

  7. Letting them go is always a good idea no matter how you do it. Happy walking!