Friday, November 7, 2014

Pleasant November... Haiku

Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..
Fabulous Friday...

She looks at blue sky;
slope of her tilted head  makes
worries fall behind


Worries fall behind,
she stops to adore a rose;
pleasant November



  1. Pleasant as a rose in November. Yes it is!

  2. the peace that fills me as i wait here
    beside your brilliant mind.

  3. "slope of the tilted head makes
    worries fall behind"

    That is simply beautiful!

    Unsolicited feedback (not that any of my feedback has ever been solicited Ramesh!)
    The only thing I would change is "the" to "her" tilted head which softens the sound to match the gentleness of your haiku.

    1. This is such a useful feedback Judy.. and you know I have always accepted your advice ..Made the correction here. Indeed it feels smoother... THANK YOU!!! RS

  4. Ramesh,
    You are so very gracious in opening your arms to my - what I often fear is intrusive - feedback. But by now you know me and how it's like harnessing wild-horses in reigning in my "editorial" eye.