Friday, June 5, 2015

With Rainbow In Her Eyes...


Leo's APED Prompt 6 Week-end Wordle  ...

With Rainbow In Her Eyes...

Breeze carries with it
the music of the rain as the raindrops
softly hit her face
Immersed in the magic
she didn't even notice
jumping  over a
small waist-high bush
She had forgotten to
unfold and put-on her raincoat
Her adolescent mind thought:
"Will I have the same freedom
after I become someone's bride"..
She smiled and let it go
Why think of  something
so far ahead in time...
Still in school
her  life had just begun..
She looks up in the skies
with rainbow in her  eyes....



  1. it is a magic age with dreamy eyes...beautifully captivated...

  2. Charming,lovely, as ALWAYS, Ramesh

    Unsolicited feedback: The only line I'd change is "for she didn't want to lose her sleep" (or leave it out) - it breaks the beauty of the cadence and thought for me.

  3. Beautifully crafted :) I enjoyed the thoughts and the picture that you painted with words, RS. one of your best.