Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ah, His Broken Flute..

For Leo's APED..


Thanks to Celestine / readinpleasure for the prompt..

Ah, His Broken Flute....  a poem..

Winds no more carry
those love notes to her ears;
ah, his broken flute
she picks them 
from the deepest corners
of her heart
where they have stayed
whenever she sits
silently in her balcony
listening to the winds..
the lost notes become alive
and take her to a
magical world
where her dreams dance to
the melody of his flute
Yes, those love notes have
stayed in the deepest 
corners of her heart
or so he thinks..



  1. Even broken flutes can convey fresh notes of longing and love. Good one! (A visit to my blog and a comment from you would be appreciated. Thank you.)

    Bamboo Flute

  2. I agree with MMT about the commenting lol. Nicely written.

  3. Great poem Ramesh. It would a wonderful prelude to a short story. . . or novel!

  4. Just loved the depiction

    Since time immemorial the flute has continued to pull at the heart of the beloved with merciless persistence. The notes of flute at times wafting through the wind and at times like the incense fragrance from the altar of heart. Radha (the beloved) in all ages has reciprocated with eager waiting eyes, batted breath, a silent prayer, restless heart hoping against hope and tears drenching the altar decked with flowers of love, waiting for the symphony of His footsteps with the flute notes to soothe the ailing heart.