Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Misty Window Glass... Haiku

Written for Haiku Horizons: Window

It feels good to be back..

From my archives...Couldn't hold myself from sharing..

Misty window glass;
lost, she scribbles his name
with her finger tip


Closed window
soft light, softer music;
she hides her wings

She hides her wings;
light fades, music stops, 
window opens

Window opens;
she spreads her wings and 
just flies away


Fresh Haiku

window of my room
opens and  the sun walks in;
mind fails to copy



  1. Beautiful ! am itching to write my name too on that misty window glass ... Glad you are back :)

  2. lovely lovely lovely!!! Need I say anymore RS!! :-)
    ps - the thought of the sun walking in is just mind blowing... only you could come up with something so spectacular... :-)

  3. so wonderful... :)

  4. Wow. Thanks for sharing your work.