Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You Go Fast I'm Slow..

Haiku Horizon.. Fast

You go fast, I'm slow ;  
I carry some more of Sun 
and air to my place..



  1. Very nice Ramesh. Sometimes it is beneficial to go slow. :)

  2. A very interesting take for sure ... haste is not always the best! :-)

  3. ah.. what an interesting thought :-) Loved it RS...

    Cheers, Archana - www.travelwitharchie.com
    ps - have you visited this new site yet??

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  5. Wow... What a perspective... I will go at my own pace. You make haste and have your undercooked, half baked dinner. I will have my tasty spread on the table and would have also walked enough by the time to look forward to and relish the dinner without guilt of gluttony. It will be as I had dreamt of with the thought and the image that can be imagined only by me. You won't have any part of it coz the charm you added to the dinner table was also my imagination of your persona. You never had any inkling or inclination but for grabbing anything to fill your stomach and kill your hunger.
    The romanticism, the touch of elegance, the soft, beautiful haze of light, the tinkle of the forks and the twinkle in the eyes is me. It will not be lost by me and had by you coz you never knew, neither had an inkling of my imagination.

    Guess I took it to a note of vengeance which is definitely not a part of practicing happiness but nonetheless it soothes me to think thus for now. Thanks for showing this approach.

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