Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning From My Own Teaching...

It's almost a month haven't put anything on my blog. Somehow wasn't really aligned with the present as what needed to be done for having a future that would help satisfy my creative curiosity was all that my mind was focused on. A sudden surge in Sugar levels in my body had also become a cause of concern and after fluctuating like sensex for few days, finally it is coming back to acceptable levels but then I would have to be cautious with my diet. Well, doesn't matter, it will be alright. Coming to the reason for blogging today is to share with you something that made me rethink about my own approach. My own teaching came back to make me learn something I trully needed under my present circumstances.

It was last Friday when I got a message in my office that a visitor had enquired about me in our Guest House. Some executives from one of the renowned companies were on a visit to our plant where I am placed and one among the team had asked if I were still with the organisation and if it would be convenient to meet with him during the day. Well, wondering about the gentleman as I couldn't recollect having met him, I proposed to have a lunch meeting in our Guest House which for some reasons couldn't happen. And about 1400 hrs I found a young tall man smartly attired seeking my permission to enter my room. Realising that it must be the same gentleman, I received him and reading a big question mark on my face he said, " Sir, I know you are not able to recognise me, but let me tell you .. I was among the six candidates you had picked up from Sangli in Campus Interviews and then we had visited your plant for final interviews which I wasn't able to clear......", " Oh, I am not really able to place you exactly....," I interrupted. " Sir, let me finish and then my purpose of meeting you would be clear..Sir, that evening you interacted with us and as young freshers you told us a few things which have remained with me forever and helped me shape my career. Let me remind you what you told us.. If you are not able to change some circumstances, change yourself... there is somthing in you that is not helping you bring the change .. so efforts wil be futile.. look at yourself and change whatever needs to be changed in you to meet with success. Trust me, this is one thing that I have always kept with me and implemented in my career. I have never let it go... I spent four years in Detroit after doing my M. Tech and I am today well placed ..", he named his company which is indeed one of the most repected in the country. I was looking at him.. surprised... for RK was talking about something that had happened Sixteen years ago . Oh, my God, he had kept me alive in a corner of his heart for so many years and was sitting in front of me. He continued "Sir, actually you told us about Six Thinking Hats also...". And I recalled about what Edward De Bono had taught the world many years ago..

And we continued to chat for some more time. I thanked him for his kindness and confessed that it was so nice of him to have come as a messenger of God to let me relearn from my own teachings of the past which I had myself forgotten. And RK was spontaneous with concern in his voice , " No sir, you can't let that happen.. we have moved in career because you taught us.. and how can you lose your confidence... no sir, don't let that happen to you." RK had given me something that I needed. Circle had got completed. He had unknowingly come to meet me at a time when perhaps I needed him most. His words have left me emboldened ..I had lost my way, when I suddenly found my path. World is a beautiful place to live because we have people like RK who in spite of having touched the skies, continue to keep thier feet on Earth. I salute your humility , RK, Thanks a lot!


  1. Dear Sir,

    Your one advice can change some-body's life forever and I would like to contribute for this by arranging your lectures to Pune engineering & management students.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Dear Randhir,

    That's so gracious of you! Thanks again!


  3. Your words are very powerful sir. It will help me in achieveing my dreams.

  4. Thanks a lot Rajat! Will visit youir blog. Happy to see your profile and find that we both read and read good books for that matter.
    So nice of you for your nice words. God bless!