Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Whole Sea in Glass!!

Attending a few parties as I observed people,
I remebered having these lines taking birth..
so decided to share as my second post for Haiku Heights..

It's my 499th Post..friends.. don't forget to bless tomorrow...
I shall share 500th with all my favourites...
hope it would be OK...

Tinge of bluish green;
 my friend confidently holds
a whole sea in glass... 



  1. Given time, all things become diamonds.
    Seaglass, though, remains seaglass; cannot be improved upon.

  2. This is gorgeous. Congratulations in advance on reaching your 500 by tomorrow! Wishing you many blessings for that.

    Looks like I have another 458 posts to catch up!

  3. Kudos on 499 and soon 500 ! These lines are beautiful.

  4. a whole sea in glass...

    I like this imagery ... congrats on your upcoming 500th post!! Bravo!! I remember reaching mine was a huge milestone for me! :)