Saturday, March 17, 2012

MY 500TH POST...


Hello friend,
Now that you are here, please stop 
for a couple of minutes to read
these words flowing from my heart
without any preface or a prologue
for I think that's the way the
thoughts emerge ...


It has been a wonderful journey of 854 days...till today............

I had never thought of reaching here when I started
extremely reluctantly...but then I am here and the words
say it all.... without mentioning them,  I express my special
gratitude to some discerning minds whom I met through
One Single Impression and then Haiku Heights and
Haiku My Heart and 3WW and Jingle Poetry and
Bluebell Books and Challenge at Few Miles and some more... and 
those discerning minds know who they are and how
they are connected...all because of this wonderful space...

I salute this space which honours written word..
If you ask me what I  have received..well a need stands fulfilled
- the need to be understood...
a need which is intense for a thinking mind...
 I am glad that I was gifted with one
by God and that I found many who appear to be getting
what I wanted to say...

As all my celebratory posts in the past have been written 
for One Single Impression, I write this too for the 
Sunday Prompt: Miracle...   And I am taking the liberty to share
Thanks to Geraldine of Take a Happy Break for this week's prompt.

this post with all others named above on the days during the week
ahead... hope it will be accepted... I say what I have to through
my own style of creating chain of haiku... ( I am  happy to see some
trying this style successfully.. I remember  a fabulous
blogger calling them Dancing Verses)

Five Hundredth Post, this!!!

Five hundredth post, this!
shine together in my words
tears of joy and pain

Tears of joy and pain;
filled with your love and support,
I stand overwhelmed…

I stand overwhelmed
amidst these frozen moments;
both sun and moon shine

Both sun and moon shine
as earth takes another turn
I keep my balance..

I keep my balance
holding on to a moonbeam;
a small miracle, that!!

A small miracle that
words keep raining from skies
they grow on trees too

they grow on trees too
and many stem from your smiles
morning’s happy gifts

Morning's happy gifts
I find some hidden around
in fragrant flowers

In fragrant flowers;
butterflies too bring along
few fluttering words

Few fluttering words
I weave them all together
in haiku and poems

In haiku and poems
in each word , each sentence
I live happily…

I live happily;
blue and green meet quietly in
this beautiful space

This beautiful space
home for all my unbaked dreams;
I meet all of you ..

I meet all of you …
as my heart shouts out loud
 hey, thank you, thank God!!

RS :)


  1. God has blessed you. And you are a blessing to all you touch with your love, soul and words Ramesh.

  2. Congrats Rameshji.. '500' is an awesome number.. Great and Hats off to you... I love to visit this beautiful space and I do that often.. Thanks for the blessings... I'm sharing it on my Few Miles page.. :-) Let everyone enjoy this beautiful journey..

    Someone is Special

  3. What lovely "dancing verses" for your 500th post. This is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations. I am so happy to have met you through Few Miles Haiku Challenge. You Haiku verses alway make me happy. I hope you are here for your 1000th post. Of that would make you happy too.

  4. This is beautiful & I simple loved the journey with you so far...always loved the ant & elephant stories...nature & colours in ur lively haiku. Congratulations for creating such many more wonderful prose & haikus
    One question, in ur second last haiku of this post..u hv mentioned.. "blue & green meet quietly here".... wonder why blue & green only...what does those colours mean to u & what context hv you mentioned them. If it was random pick, need not answer, skip the question. I'm just a bit curious to know :D
    So happy for you!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  5. Well Rachana, let me respect your querry...generally I leave everything to the interpretation of the reader because we all tend to pick up what we want to.. here I mean sky meeting green meadows..or green fields.. my visit to Panjab last week saw me standing as a place where I could see Blue and Green meeting each other at a distance.. I hope you got your answer..

  6. Congratulations for your 500 nos., not just numbers but powerful content. Sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical, sometimes spiritual and always touching.

    "A small miracle that
    words keep raining from skies
    they grow on trees too"

    God bless you on your journey onward.

  7. You celebrate with lovely words. Always worthwhile.

  8. Congrats, Rameshji.
    They are indeed dancing verses, coming from the heart.
    May you write many, many more.

  9. I can tell that 500 is just a point of rapturous departure for you. Best wishes on thousands yet to come.

  10. i like the second to last one the best, i like the color gradient

    senryu of blues & honesty

  11. Congratulations on this exquisite poem and thank you very much for having given his feelings during all this time. Greetings.

  12. A big congrats to you Ramesh, quite an accomplishment. It's been a pleasure getting to know you along the way.

    Hugs, G :<)

  13. Ramesh -- what a wonderful tribute celebrating your 500th post ... well done. Thank you for sharing so graciously with us. :)

  14. Pyaara Dost,
    A Pleasant and Lovely Morning!
    On this wonderful and proud occasion,
    Of completing five hundred posts,
    Let me congratulate you wholeheartedly!
    Your simple verses with values added to them,
    Expressed and exposed the personality!
    I appreciate and admire the simple and humble blogger!
    Your kindness,soft nature and love for nature,
    Make you different my dost!
    May God Bless You With Better Creations!
    I'm sure you've a great future in blogging!
    Hats off to you!

  15. Hello.
    A beautiful post for a special number. Congratulations on your 500th post Ramesh! That's some accomplishment indeed. Here's to the next 500 and many more years of creativity...Ramesh-style! (smile)

    Her Perfumed Scent

  16. Hi I really like the poem and how the last line carries over to the next verse, excellent. Congrats on 500 and many more to come, have a wonderful day.

  17. Congratulations on the miracle of 500!

  18. Happy 500th post Ramesh! It is always a pleasure to read your work.

  19. Congratulations, Ramesh! 500 is a great milestone in blogging. One of my friends wanted to quit blogging when he hit 500. I guess words no longer 'fell from the sky' for him.
    Best wishes and many more (blogs).

  20. It is a miracle this internet gathering of people who love words and love to craft poetry. Congrats on your 500th post. I will look forward to all you have to offer in the future.

  21. Keep writing, Ramesh! Five hundred more, then 500 more, and still 500 more!

    Feathered Sky of Blue

  22. Looks like I'm late for the party!

    Congratulations on your 500th post. Written from the heart and a delight to read them all.

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