Friday, December 28, 2012

I Wait for a Hug...

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Today , Friday for Haiku My Heart..


Joy & happiness
ride on New Year's shoulders;
ah, I am watching

Ah, I am watching,
some distance in between;
I wait for a hug

I wait for a hug;
sunnier Sun, brighter Moon,
happier flowers

Happier flowers
as naughty butterflies nudge; 
renewal around

Renewal around;
ride on New Year's shoulders,
joy and happiness



  1. I love the idea of riding on new year's shoulders! Happy New Year!

  2. Naughty butterflies...
    and a hug♥

  3. Ramesh - you are rapidly becoming the poster I look forward to seeing the most each week. Your circular haikus that create such complete and tiny stories totally enchant me.

  4. Romantic and divine haiku ~ ^_^

    Happy New Year to you ~ (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  5. Nice use of haiku for storytelling. Now I want a hug. :)

  6. "sunnier sun, brighter moon/ happier flowers" my favorite lines. Happy New Year, Ramesh.

  7. such a happy set Ramesh ji... I am sure you are inviting many hugs from the poet community...

  8. oh I really like this RS. Alot of hope and happiness in your words.

  9. Lovely way to greet the new year ~

    Cheers and all the best for 2013 ~

  10. Full of positivity. Nice way to wish online with a hug Thank you Rameshji, wishing you a too a great year ahead :-) Ashish Pattni

  11. dear all,
    i started early friday with such a bright hope for the day. so many haiku to visit, so many bright promises to fulfill. my day turned quickly on its heels into what became a living hell. for the last three weeks i have been battling extreme health concerns, i share this only to explain why i have been so hard pressed in visiting and leaving comments. yesterday took me to the very edge and this morning although i made it through an adverse med reaction with horrible vertigo, i am weak and undone. i do not like to write about my health issues, something i combat everyday to stay upright and among the living. but i see more and more of our haiku family dwindling away and i am sure many may have mistaken why, and taken it personally that i have failed to visit. this morning i am going to stay up long enough to be sure you all know that you have brought me comfort in my darkest hours without even knowing. for your kindness and patience i thank you with all my heart.


  12. Such a joyous ride with health and happiness... great verse Rameshji.

  13. Ramesh,
    I wait for a hug -- poignant and wonderfully spoken haiku.
    Happy New Year My FRIEND!

  14. Great work, Ramesh; esp like the bright moon & sunnier sun. Salute!

  15. so beautiful the way this turns and turns. happy new year!

  16. Riding on New Year's shoulders, like a child on his dad's, wonderful image, Ramesh, but if he wants a hug he must go down to save the distance...
    Happy New Year!

  17. What a beautiful New Year haiku. I hope you receive your hug! Lovely poetry :)

  18. wishing you a wonderful journey through the new year Ramesh. sending lots of hugs too.

  19. Wishing you lots of Joy & Happiness and lots of Hugs in coming New Year.
    Very joyous poem.

  20. Ramesh, a wonderful new year to you - full of joys, happiness, sunnier suns, brighter moons, happier flowers, naughty butterflies and of course hugs

  21. What a lovely way to greet New Year!
    With "Renewal around;"...,
    May Love & Joy..., Peace & Radiance... surround, on your ride 2013!

  22. I wish you a happy ride ahead! beautifully expressed!

  23. We wait for the joy and happiness to hug us and the desperation increases with new year or new day approaching ...beautiful haiku :)
    happy new year :)

  24. What can be more beautiful to start the new year with other than your lovely poem...Happy New Year Sir!!!