Friday, December 14, 2012

Wish, She Understands

Written for

Haiku My Heart - Friday
Haiku Heights    - Saturday
One Single Impression - Sunday

Wish, She Understands

Ah, frozen ice cube
feels insecure and pained;
chill makes her shun ice

Chill makes her shun ice;
goblet feels the twinge as she
snubs melonchaly

Snubs melancholy
and her drink plays with the pain;
wish, she  understands

Wish, she understands
for winter shall be tougher;
ah, frozen icecube


Two hundredth
prompt at haiku heights;
wish for more

Wish for more
 happier stars around;
haiku shines..



  1. We are traveling. And on our trip, we have a cooler in the rear of the car. In this cooler sits a bag of ice cubes. Now, I sit and think about how they might be feeling after spending three days in that cooler with the other cubes and pieces of food. Slowly melting and losing girth. Each of them too tired to feel sorry for the other. Dissolving to the air we breath and turning back to water. Cool stuff!


  2. Brilliant!
    I've read it 3 times,
    each time it made me feel differently.

  3. another lovely cascading haiku ~

    (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  4. You are simply the magician of haiku ... well done Sir :-)

  5. dear ramesh,
    thank you for being here, so warm and loyal to haiku!

  6. Lovely cascading haiku ~ Hope you are well ~

  7. Beautiful Ramesh ji... the haiku set is amazing... ah the frozen cube...

  8. Frozen cubes, tougher winters, beautifully woven words!

  9. Lovely cascade, as usual! You say so much in so few words. Lovely.

  10. Her drink plays with her pain ~ brilliant ~ sums it all up for me.

  11. Wonderful rendition of wishes - ♥

  12. I understand that wish for more prompts! Always enjoy how your haiku cascade!

  13. congratulations on 200 haikus... I love the way these flow one into the next.

  14. Wishing for understanding - nice nice take on the prompt

  15. She will go for it!

    Excellent set of Haiku.

  16. Very well crafted, as usual, Ramesh. You have created such a magic atmosphere...
    As for the last pair, yes, we wish for more.

  17. There is an American song, and older one 70's(?), called 'Cold as Ice.'

    "Cold As Ice"

    You're as cold as ice
    You're willing to sacrifice our love

    You never take advice
    Someday you'll pay the price
    I know

    I've seen it before
    It happens all the time
    You're closing the door
    You leave the world behind
    You're digging for gold
    Yet throwing away
    A fortune in feelings
    But someday you'll pay

    You're as cold as ice
    You're willing to sacrifice our love
    You want Paradise
    But someday you'll pay the price
    I know

    and more at:

    1. At any rate, I like your poem. Do you think it could be sung?