Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aroma of First Crush

Day  10

Prompt: Incense
Aroma of First Crush..

Aroma of first crush..;
she burns his only letter
kept hidden for years
Kept hidden for years
he burns her only letter;
aroma of first crush
Aroma of first crush;
both see a happier future
through that sheet of smoke
Through that sheet of smoke
 I see some smiling stories;
you are smiling too


  1. I came here expecting a romantic piece.. and the first line is perfect for it! :) and indeed, sometimes we have to move on and we will be surprised that we have unknowingly moved onto happy things. a brilliant haiku! :)

    If you'd like to read mine, here it is: Vain Energy

  2. Indeed I am Ramesh ji... Thank you for putting a smile on my face today. I must tell you that I am going through a bad phase, she moved on two years ago and I am yet to recover, fall in love. Love is a massive pain in the bottom, sir. A heart of stone I seek.

    1. Just be... and fall in love with yourself for being good..someone who neither harms himself nor anyother.. and rest will be all beautiful...I dont think if you are sick that you have to recover.. live in the present and it is a lot more beautiful than you can ever think...


    2. Thanks a lot Ramesh ji... :)

  3. Ah. I can see this. Lovely narrative flow. The human condition.

  4. The repitition of lines has added beauty to this Haiku.
    This has emphasised the importance of forgetting the painful memories, moving ahead in life and being happy. So here is my smile :)

  5. Only u can make a break up sound so beautiful! :)

  6. Your opening haiku is stunning. Powerful! I am deeply moved.


  7. A truly innovative set in its thematic concept and execution. Loved them all...Beautiful!..

  8. Absolutely Sir ... I am smiling :D

  9. Really liked your chain

  10. Yes RS!! I am smiling and watching their happy faces through the sheet of smoke!! Well said and so much clarity in your mind that it freely flows!!