Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Red Scarf.. Haiku

Rebecca's Haiku My Heart

A Red Scarf

A red scarf
tightly holds her hair;
stronger winds


Stronger winds;
arrays of dancing 


stand still in horror;
bodies rain


Bodies rain;
among the debris lie
a red scarf..


Let humanity learn to practice 'humanity'..
A tribute to those perished in the disaster leaving behind
those wonderful memories for their grieving families..
May God let  peace prevail...


  1. If only... we could open our hearts like those sunflowers... thank you Ramesh for giving words for the unspeakable...

  2. The winds are blowing.
    May peace prevail.

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  4. (Whooops deleted instead of edited!)

    Poignant, powerful tribute Ramesh.
    I believe the sacrifice of all those innocent people is ultimately serving to unite the people of the world at the horror and inhumanity of it all.

    Absolutely Ramesh! May peace prevail so that these sacrifices are NOT needed to help us understand we are all connected.

  5. Such a great tribute to such a sad situation.

  6. A touching post about a tough, sad situation. Thank you for posting.

  7. this is so precious!

  8. oh ramesh,
    today is a national day of mourning in the netherlands as they receive their loved ones in respectful silence. this is happening as i read your words and i cannot help but cry. your red scarf so intimately conveys the loss of beauty, possibility, precious lives. we are all inextricably tied to one another. today, a world in communal grief. may this serve to awaken love and kindest regard one to the other. somehow may we all finally and forever choose love.