Thursday, July 24, 2014

A gift from the Morning Sun.. 3WW

Liberal, Profane, Quarrelsome

A Gift from the Morning Sun..  

Pious ambiance all around
as the blades of green grass
talk politeness with 
one's bare feet; the orange circle 
of Sun lifts its head
from the distant horizons
and the mind blocks any
profane thoughts in the magnificence
of a delightful  morning..
And as the day passes on 
one often finds quarrelsome
crossing one's path
still one feels incapable of 
using profanity to counter
the undesirable;
Why would one want 
to sacrifice the 'bliss' 
gifted by the  Morning Sun...
Why would one?



  1. When you experience the joy of living, why indeed?

  2. You really do hand over the words to the moon and the sun...and put like that it is incomprehensible why things can't be wonderful in their simplicity..

  3. The line "gifted by the Morning Sun" is pure deLIGHT!

    Here's my newest irreverent haiku!